Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Sight Review

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I got home today and found that my mail-man brought me a new toy – a Vortex Strikefire red dot sight. I have been interested in this sight for my Stag AR for quite some time. Having researched and read many reviews as well as watched several YouTube video’s – most all the information I found was very positive.

Vortex is an American optics company with a history of innovation. The Strikefire is one of their most popular red dot sights, and for good reason.

StrikeFire Red Dot Sight and accessories
All contents laid out. I honestly did not realize when I ordered it that the high-mount was included.

The Strikefire is an affordable optic that offers many features found on more expensive models. It has a durable construction, a wide field of view, and 10 brightness settings for its 4 MOA dot reticle that can be set to red or green according to the shooter’s preference.

Clearly it is intended to compete with European made optics costing many hundreds of dollars more. But can it? Let’s look into it!

Main Features

  • Red or Green light option lets you switch colors, and adjust the dot intensity (diameter of 4 MOA), according to the surroundings and viewing conditions.
  • Unlimited eye relief allows for quick target acquisition.
  • Parallax Free Past 50 Yards.
  • Optical 2x doubler provides for more detailed viewing.
  • Waterproof and fog proof with nitrogen purging for reliable work in harsh weather.

Looking much like an older Aimpoint Comp-series sight, the Strikefire takes many design cues from these legendary optics while still managing to innovate.

For ease of access, the power controls are at the rear of the Strikefire. A single CR2 battery powers the Strikefire. The Strikefire is also parallax-free, meaning that the dot remains in the same spot regardless of your eye position.

Easy to use for both target shooting and hunting, an offset cantilever or “gooseneck” mount is included. This mount allows the user to move the sight forward on a shorter rail, like on an AR-15, and use it with a magnifier or backup iron sights as required.

The only downside to the Strikefire is that this included mount might not meet your needs and in that case you’ll need to purchase a separate mount to serve. In the “ala carte” rifle accessory market, I would have rather had the savings instead.

Fully multi-coated lenses provide a clear and bright field of view with only mild color tone shift. Rapid target acquisition is facilitated by truly unlimited eye relief as with all reflex sights.

Elevation and windage adjustments both allow up to 100 MOA maximum. Flip up lens covers fore and aft provide protection for the lenses and keep them smudge free until you need to get them out of the way.

The single-piece chassis is small and light, yet it can withstand significant recoil. You’ll have no issues with the optic even on hard-kicking shotguns and big-bore rifles.

You might want to upgrade the mount if you are putting it on something truly punishing but I wouldn’t worry about it on a 5.56mm or 7.62mm gun. It’s windproof, water-resistant, and fogproof. It is also nitrogen purged for fog-free clarity in all conditions.

Speaking of conditions, this tough little hombre is rated for temperatures ranging from -22F all the way to 140F.
In short, it is a completely mundane but highly effective, and dependable, dot sight.

It isn’t the smallest or the lightest. It does not have the very best battery life or cutting edge features compared to its more modern contemporaries.

What is does have is an excellent performance-to-value ration and proven dependability. Also, if you use and abuse equipment like I do, you’ll be happy to know it comes with Vortex’s VIP warranty and guarantee.

VIP stands for Very Important Promise. The company stands by their products and, if it is every broken or destroyed, they will fix it or replace it at no cost. No matter the cause. No matter if you are the original buyer. No matter when or why or how.

That is a legit guarantee from a first-class operation, let me tell ya. But I am not too worries: I have seen too many reports on these bomb-proof little optics to ever worry about them giving up the ghost short of catching a bullet themselves!

What Gun is this Optic Best For?

What optic is best for a given gun? It is a question that has been asked time and again by shooters all over the world.

Different shooters have different preferences, and what might be the best optic for one person may not be the best for another. However, there are a few general rules that can help you choose the right optic for your needs.

Generally, if you are equipping a rifle or other gun for shots 200 yards and closer, red dot sights rule the roost. Their fast target acquisition and simple reticles make them perfect for close-range shooting.

The Strikefire is perfect, here. If you are looking to take shots at targets beyond 200 yards, a scope is likely the better option. Scopes provide more magnification, allowing you to see your target more clearly and make precise shots.
However, some folks prefer a best-of-both-worlds approach and equip their red dots with a magnifier. A magnifier can provide a 2x, 3x, or even greater boost when used in conjunction with a host red dot.

The Strikefire comes with such a device that screws in to the eyepiece, but the results leave much to be desired. If you are looking for a magnifier, it might be best to look elsewhere. This thing is seriously an afterthought.

That being said, the Strikefire is an excellent optic for most shooters. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, both close up and far away.

With its high-quality construction and affordable price tag, it is one of the best on the market and probably the best at its price bracket.

StrikeFire Red Dot Sight
the StrikeFire Red Dot Sight

Best in Class

Overall, the Vortex Strikefire is an excellent red dot sight for the price and is right at home on nearly any modern firearm.

If you don’t want to, or can’t, shell out $500 plus on an optic for every gun you own you can still get excellent performance and dependability right out of the box with Vortex’s Strikefire series. This is one optic that I am pleased to say lives up to the reputation.

I have not had a chance to shoot using this site yet – soon. Overall – I am very impressed with the StrikeFire.

updated 03/10/2022

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10 thoughts on “Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Sight Review”

  1. I have had my Strikefire for some time and have shot it with good results. I have it on an “M4” I built from scratch and sight has performed well. The covers can be a bother but if you start it in the groove on one side then “smooth it around to the other side it goes right on. The only fear I have is inadvertently pressing the on button when closing caps thus leaving it on unknown. Aside from that Mount is solid dot can be adjusted for sharpness. Overall I give it a thumbs up.

  2. I have a Strikefire as well. I’m running it on a S&W M&P15. I think it’s a good red dot for the price. I do find the dot to be a little on the fuzzy side though. And be sure to tighten the clamp down well; maybe use blue loctite on the threads. Mine likes to work its way loose. I really like the optical doubler.

  3. i just saw this in the latest bass pro shops online circular 2011 Fall Hunting Classic – 8/5 Thru 8/21 for $149

    was wondering myself how the sight was… look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    does it use a single AA battery?

    • dsd – It uses a different battery – can’t remember off the top of my head. Order a few extra off Amazon – was cheap. It does use a lithium battery.


  4. let us know how it works out on the stag. What model do you have by chance? I was looking at this site for my ruger sr but opted for the meprolight m21 reflex due to not needing batteries.

  5. Let us know how it work. I’m interested in the battery type and life of battery when turned on. I currently us an EOtech 512 but plan to upgrade to a Aimpoint PRO in the next 30 to 60 days. Aimpoint recommends you turn the unit on and leave on, I like these feature. The battery life is around 30.000 hours on a daylight setting of 7 verse 500 hours on the EOtech.

  6. Ok here is some specs on your new red dot. The fact that is uses a CR2 battery is a little concerning. I would stock up on them.

    • 3,000 hours of battery life for 125 days on lowest setting; 2,000 hours of battery life for 83 days on the highest setting (CR2 battery included)
    • 30 mm objective lens
    • Reticle provides instant points of aim over long distance to eliminate the guesswork
    • 100% waterproof and shockproof; Nitrogen purging for reliable fogproof construction
    • 1/2″ M.O.A. click handturn reticle adjustments
    • Sleek low-profile turret style
    • Parallax free @ 50 yards
    • High recoil caliber rating… tested with .375 H&H Magnum for 1,000 rounds
    • Includes lens cover and a lifetime guarantee
    • 1″ tube diameter. Measures 6″, 7 ozs.

    • Thanks 3rdMan –

      I just picked up 4 extra batteries – which should be good for awhile.

      This upcoming weekend I am going to sight it in and run some drills. Will report back how it goes.

      Take care – Rourke


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