New Project: 10/22 Tactical

The Ruger 10/22 is the rimfire rifle which most all others are compared. Most every like-minded survivalist I know owns one (or more).  I have decided to add another 10/22 to my collection. Why? Why not! I love shooting the rimfire cartridge and in my preparedness-thinking mind another quality .22LR can’t hurt.

So…here is the question: How will I build this one?

The 10/22 is a very capable rimfire as it sits stock  – accurate and extraordinarily reliable. I like the handling characteristics of many aftermarket stocks out there. I also like the high availability of many accessories for the 10/22. My goal with this project is to put together a “tactical-looking” Ruger 10/22 which will be fast handling, comfortable to shoot, accurate, enhanced capabilities regarding firepower – and again….pretty cool looking. This carbine very well might end up in the hands of my oldest son as he continues to develop his shooting skills.

Here are a few stock options I am looking at for this particular 10/22:

Tapco T6 Intrafuse Stock
Tapco T6 Intrafuse Stock
Choate Ruger 10/22 pistol grip stock, tactical,
Choate Ruger 10/22 pistol grip stock
archangel stock, ruger 10/22, tactical, survival, preparedness, modernsurvivalonline, training
ProMag Archangel

I also would like to mount a scope or possibly a red dot sight on it as well. Extended magazine release would be another addition. A few spare 10-rd factory magazines as well as some of the new Ruger BX-25 factory hi-cap magazines.

I plan this to be the first of a couple of 10/22 projects. I can still pick up a standard 10/22 for under $200 and accessories are generally inexpensive. As I work on this project – I will update everyone on progress made.


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  1. John, I am going to do the same thing. I like the 10/22 platform and I think it would be a great weapon. I am thinking about the promag archangel set up it looks to be the best mod out of the group. I think I will do the bull barrel. Let them think it is a much bigger weapon. Great post. It got me thinking again. Thanks for the info.

  2. Your web site is one of many on my favorites list that I check daily. A trend I’ve noticed with you is you print alot of articles where people are spending money on prepper stuff that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Tatical Ruger 10-22, how stupid is that? A standard Ruger right out of the box with a few spare 30 rd. magazines and a good dot sight will fight just as good as one that the owner has spent hundreds of dollars just to make it look BAD. In these hard times you need to be showing people how to spend their money wisely.

    • Hi John –

      Thanks for the comments.

      I often discuss “budget” methods to increase preps. I do not think that a Tactical 10/22 is stupid. I’ll be honest with you – my mom just died two weeks ago – and you never know when your time will come. I want to live my life to the fullest – and I will go on vacation, drive a big huge expensive Expedition, and watch RED DAWN on my flat screen. Guess what – I will also store away freeze dried eggs with bacon, ammo for my AR, water filters, LED flashlights and batteries, quality knives, and also store away gasoline for my Briggs Stratton Generator. I think over analyzing every single penny to prepare for something that MIGHT not even happen – that is stupid.

      I appreciate your comments – I really do.


  3. Good morning Rourke
    I have several 10/22’s and some of them are tricked out with the T-6 intrafuse stock, dura coated in OD & Coyote tan, 25 rnd mags and red dot sites, one with a halo type and picatinny mounted light (Fenix PD30) and a bottle grip underneath. There fun to shoot and a little and provide a good cheap practice. It’s paterned after (nutnfancy’s) on youtube, check out (SHOK) channel, its all 10/22’s.

    • Thanks for the comments Badger –

      I want to look into the DuraCoat thing. I have seen NutnFancy speak highly of it and I like the concept. I wonder ho difficult it is to put it on.

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. Can’t wait to see your updated posts on these, I love seeing all the mods people do to these guns. This is one of my favorite guns, super reliable, cheap to shoot and a ton of accessories

  5. Rourke,

    I love that you are doing a 10/22 instead of following the current “COOL” thing & spending +$500 for an AR style .22LR. For less than that price, you can do AMAZING things to a 10/22. There are WAY more accessories, especially magazine choices.

    I have the Tapco stock as I wanted one with the adjustable positions so I could shorten it for my kids to shoot and Nutnfancy recommended it. I don’t like this stock and will be taking it off.
    The first issue for me is that the top cover (over the barrel) is held on by 6 wood screws. Every time I want to take the gun apart, I must start by removing these wood screws. It’s tedious and I believe that at some point the stock will get stripped out. The other issue I have with this stock is that even with the slant stock tube installed, you have to be WAY far back on the stock to get low enough to use the sites correctly. Not a good way to teach kids to shoot.
    For me, these two issues are just way to much of a problem to continue to use it. In your case with a red dot mounted the sights might be less of a problem. Also, if you don’t take the gun apart very often, the wood screws might be something one could deal with. I love the feel of this stock otherwise. The SAW style pistol grip feels very good in my hand. I liked the color choices, I went with the OD green, thinking I would eventually Duracoat the rest of the gun.
    I will probably be putting out the extra money for an Knoxx Axiom R/F. Still has the adjustable length of pull, but is also free floats the barrel, which should help with the accuracy. For me the Choate doesn’t have adjustable length of pull so it’s out. It seems like when I looked the ProMag was more money and it just looks to over the top for me.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your project, these guns are very easy to work on. I would look at a polyurethane replacement bolt stop pin. They are cheap, I haven’t had any issues with them in the gun and it should extend the life of the gun. Also, must do is a bolt release, it’s a replacement plate that makes it so you don’t have to push the bolt catch to release the bolt. Just pull the bolt all the way to the rear & let go.

    • Thanks for the info Gilfner –

      I suspected that the Tapco had some characteristics like you described. A friend of mine just bought the Knox Axiom and says he really likes it – I haven’t seen it yet.

      I hope to be updating the project within a couple weeks.

      Take care – Rourke

  6. Out of all my weapons the 10/22 is my favorite. I’m currently down to two and am always looking for a good deal on more.
    Im not big on the 10/22 m4 set up but I also wanted a tactical 10/22 with a pistol grip and a forward rail for a light.

    My current tactical 10/22 sports a rhineland arms stock with a Magpul CTR stock. Stock receiver with BUIS WITH RAIL (yes it’s all in one) and nodaks bull barrel front sight. I absolutely love the nodak spud sights. CHECK THEM OUT FOR SURE!!!
    I have a tactical solutions 16 inch fluted barrel to save on weight and to keep the little beauty handy. It also has a Kidd bolt, charging handle and springs. I run a 1 by 8 scope in Luepold quick release rings to be able to take it off and use those BUIS if I have to in pinch.

    This little gun is stupid accurate and a blast to shoot. I’ll never get rid of this one. I hope your project goes well and you have a lot of fun building it.

  7. Another great project Rourke. I’ve been partial to the Nordic stock ever since you showed it to me. Gunkings has a good price on them but they are always out of stock. They have alot of stuff and the prices seem good.

    Check out this site also. Lots of info and leads.

    this is sweet looking but I don’t know anything about it.

    Also I’ve been looking at the lightweight aluminum bull barrels. They have a chrome moly bore tube and they can be had with a threaded end.

  8. Rick –

    Don’t forget, if there are any lefties in your life, they won’t be able to shoot any gun with these bullpup stocks. The ejection port is right where a lefties cheek should be for shooting with the sights.

    • Gilfner –

      I actually am left-handed. Recently I have been practicing shooting right-handed. Shooting with the opposite hand I have found much easier with a pistol than a rifle.

      Thanks – Rourke

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