New Product: Effective Affordable Security for Preppers and Survivalists

I have experimented with homemade alarm systems. Some related to hoe security other perimeter security. From mouse trap alarms to electronic trip alarms made from components bought at a local dollar store. Recently I was introduced to a new product that appears to be very versatile in use – and not too expensive. It is called the .22 Caliber Mini-Sentry Trip Wire Alarm.



The Mini-Sentry trip wire alarm can be used to protect large areas or individual items with a trip wire or string. It can be used on pastures, fences, roads, gates, vehicles, equipment, tools, supplies and virtually anything, anywhere.  A distinct advantage to a trip wire alarm with the loud crack of a gun shot is the trespasser or thief knows that you are aware of his presence and location, and that you are serious about security.


The Mini-Sentry is tiny, easily concealed, uses a loud, readily available, inexpensive .22 caliber blank and is constructed of machined brass, galvanized and stainless steel and is coated in a flat black finish.


The Mini Sentry can be installed temporarily with a zip tie, string, tape or bailing wire, and more permanently with screws. For additional information on protecting your loved ones and property, go to:


Check out the video below:



Running between $24.95 and $29.95 – looks to be a viable security resource.


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  1. Years ago, they used to sell a little device like this that used a cap from the common toy cap pistols of the period. It was a perimeter alarm before that term came into use. Caps and cap pistols were outlawed because some fool made public they could be used for detonators. This was in the Bill Ayers days and the weather underground movement. Prior to this they had a single shot percussion cap fired device on a set of four trip wires that would quickly swivel and discharge down the wire that was pulled. Original intent was to discourage watermelon thieves and usual charge was a percussion cap propelling a load of rock salt. Then of course some fools started charging them with black powder and shot. Were popular around the Civil War. Quite a collectors item despite the heavy tax due to own one.

  2. There is a fellow who blogs called Northwest Podcast that has quite a bit of information and experience posted in his archives about wireless, infrared and other electronic devices and he has a deer scaring device that is infrared so no trip wires are needed. When the beam is broken, the horn goes off scaring the deer. Best of all he has figure out solar charging with the little cheap keychain solar flashlights and other cheap devices. May want to look up his site if you are into these things. I use one for a garage alert since it is isolated from the house by about a hundred feet at the back of the property on the alley and it not only sounds the horn if the door or windows are forced open but sends a signal to a passive alert here in the house. I don’t depend a hundred percent on solar charging of the device since i have power in the garage and a much larger solar and wind charger back there to make sure it is charged. I put it in mostly after the scrap thieves stole my rack for my truck that I haul long materials on and I don’t want them trying for the copper. Since my compressor, condensor unit for the central ac is located in an alcove partially hidden from view outside the house in an area that is not constantly under eyeball, I have also mounted one of those in that area that also turns on the lights with a motion detector. Squirrels hate it.

  3. You can also use a pull string alarm with fishing line to guard a perimeter closeby. But I think 35 bucks (with P&H) for this contrivance is way overpriced. You can get a barrel bolt and lamp tubing from a hardware
    store and make the same thing for all of five dollars or free if you scavange
    the parts. It’s just your quintessential zip gun.

  4. Make sure that you don’t use this as a weapon, however… much like Harold’s mention of the rock salt moving to shot… using this in a manner where someone gets hurt can open a world of hurt in the court systems (that hate firearms afficianado’s as well…)

  5. For about the same money, you can buy, on gunbroker, a similar device that uses 12 ga. blanks–considerably more bang for your bucks! Be careful in placement, as the flash and spark is a real fire hazard.

  6. You can also modify a mousetrap to do the same thing. It will set off a rimfire cartridge (but be sure to remove the projectile or use a blank round as depicted). If you want to copy the barreled version be sure to plug and port the barrel so you don’t get charged with building an illegal firearm.

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