New poll…..Would you like a preparedness forum here on MSO?

Simple YES or NO question. Would you be interested in having a preparedness forum here at ModernSurvivalOnline? There are a lot of forums out there and I have resisted adding another. Due to some suggestions from readers regarding classified ads and discussion groups – I am considering.

So – please chime in!


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16 thoughts on “New poll…..Would you like a preparedness forum here on MSO?”

    • Arlene-

      A forum is basically a place where you can go and discussion a variety of topics. There would be different subject – and under each subject you can create your own discussion topic or read one which someone else has already started and comment on it if you wish.


  1. Of course! It will broaden and deepen the scope of people’s thoughts about their own ideas and actions, and lead to an exchange of perspectives that will be helpful to the communities that follow these kinds of web sites. After all, with free education, how many eggs do you want in your beer?

  2. School me, Oh Media Guru! What is the difference between a forum and the set up you have now, with posts and counter-posts? It seems to me that every article gathers multiple opinions, opposite views, discussion, etc. If the forum is more work for you, I would probably vote “NO”. You have so much on your plate right now! Why add to the confusion?

    • Irish-7,

      A forum is basically a place where you can go and hold a discussion a variety of topics. There would be different subjects – and under each subject you can create your own discussion topic or read one which someone else has already started and comment on it if you wish.

      More work? Well – a little up front. I would have to have a few moderators that would monitor what people are writing to delete SPAM or edit things that would need to be (extreme profanity, etc).

      I like the idea – but do not want to waste my time.

      My hope is – If I build it – they will come.


  3. Thanks Rourke- so in other words more topics can be covered at the same time ? I like the blog the way it is but I am a novice with the computer.Arlene

  4. NO – but you could do something unique and have a feature where people fill out a short web form, indicating what their resources and intentions are, and the web page could generate an actual survival plan for them to follow. Basically, think of how turbotax generates a variety of completed forms based on various circumstances that apply to an individual. The plan could be printed out for quick reference for each member of the family. There would be cost estimates, shopping lists, goal dates, seasonal variations, and links to detailed documents to download and take along.

    So if there were 2 adults and two children, you lived in an apartment, had a bug out vehicle, and were planning to flee to grandpa’s farm where food was stored, you would get a different checklist than if there were 2 adults, you lived in a house, had weapons, stored food, and chose to stay in place through a crisis. The idea wouldn’t be to replace any comprehensive mail order survival CD tutorials, but rather to provide a bare bones, but viable plan to follow. I think most procrastinators are overwhelmed with undigested survival info and don’t have the time or experience to figure out how to make their own plan. This feature would provide emergency plans, and provide a framework for a more complete plan.

  5. I remember, like Emergency Essentials! That’s where I met you. I just followed you over here. Well, for a computer dope like me, that certainly is not necessary. I got lost in the EE Forum often, not remembering what category the last topic that I posted on was under. These forums drag in “Know It Alls” that basically take over the whole site. I forget her name, but she eventually got banned from Emergency Essentials, then she went back and deleted all 500 entries. Whatever floats your boat!

  6. Rourke,
    Here’s my 2 cents. Irish is correct about the relative ease of communication here on the blog, which is something I appreciate. There’s a fairly loyal group of readers here…which is a huge asset. The downside of the current format is organization. For instance, how many times has the BOB been discussed? Say D or Irish has some salient point or had a good suggestion, surfing through the comments and attempting to compile a running conversation is work enough, never mind doing it over the course of several articles. It exponentially increases the time it takes to find the information you want. Not that it’s impossible, but more inconvenient and much less efficient. Additionally, I think it may increase readership. We live in a NOW society, and people like being able to ask questions and get a tailored answer in a short time. I frequently check forums for specialty skills (just last night I was on a knife forum researching japanese waterstones) or DIY stuff. The potential downside is 1)finding the time, and 2) finding the right balance of moderation (which can be outsourced), a place that allows genuine disagreement, but not pettiness that turns everyone off to, not just the site, but the idea of prepping and furthers the retarded stereotypes. I think it will enhance the site as a whole, but that’s just my opinion. Whatever decision you make, I’m sure it will be the right one.

    • Jesse –

      Good points.

      I was a member of a preparedness forum and visited and commented often. I made one comment that I didn’t believe in 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and I was attached in a pretty aggressive fashion. Name calling and extreme disrespect followed……so I left.

      Disagreement is not a problem as long as it is controlled and not with malice and spite.

      Thanks – Rourke

  7. Forums and blogs are just sort of a modern equivalent to the almanac or fence-side chat. It’s on a computer, but not computerized. Our brains still have to do all the work. It even works against us, when the abundance of information becomes overwhelming. Instead of more of the same, we would really benefit from something new that helps pick and assemble the wisdom that applies to themselves into a cohesive plan. That’s the basis for my suggestion of a computerized prepping planner.

  8. Rourke and Irish-thanks for the explanation of a forum.
    Does that mean we would lose this current style of blog or would the forum be in addition to this?
    If its in addition to this then I vote for it .
    Rourke don’t take on too much though as you do such a surburb job now !!!Arlene


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