New or Refurbished Body Armor

New or Refurbished Body Armor


When it comes down to protective clothing you will need to know as much information as possible. When choosing the right body armor you need to know exactly what you’re buying and whether you’re buying quality products, from a reputable supplier or manufacturer. Doing your research and getting a good understanding can mean the difference between you being fully protected, partially protected and at very worst actually not really being protected at all.


When we talk about the life of body armor we are mainly looking at the protective materials used inside the carrier. The carrier is the part that actually fits to your body and the inserts are the bullet or stab proof protective part. Without the protective inserts you have zero protection against ballistic or stab attacks.


The most common and effective material currently used are made from DuPonts Kevlar®. Highly Durable Kevlar® when looked after well can protect you up to 5-10 years after the manufacture date. When we look at refurbished body armor it’s usually just the carrier that’s been replaced and the protective material is re-used. Every Kevlar® panel will offer the protection it was certified to up until the expiration date given on the date of manufacture. Actually when basic care is properly followed the Kevlar® will offer the wearer a lifetime of protection although this is not advised. Basic care for Kevlar ®includes keeping the panels out of direct sunlight, not storing the panels separate to the carrier and making sure when in storage that it’s not kept in a moist area.


Body armor that been refurbished is usually a lot cheaper in price than new armor naturally as it’s usually 4-5 years old already and could have already been worn by someone else. Although given a new carrier system could be classed as 2nd hand at that point. Buying refurbished armor from a reputable supplier such as will ensure your armor is still effective and the Kevlar® inserts are of a sound condition.


A lot of the time surplus military, tactical gear or law enforcement can be sold as refurbished stock to individuals. This means you get inserts that although might only a few years left until their expiration date have actually never been used and are usually in brand new condition. This is only providing the conditions of storage have adequate.


Buying new condition armor means you you’ll have to spend more money but you get a bullet proof vest that has brand new panel inserts in it. New panels have usually been made in the last few years. You can guarantee the quality is perfect and therefore more reliable.


Deciding on the best solution for you can be tricky but like anything else you get what you pay for not to say refurbished armor won’t give you great protection but you need to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying and its current condition.


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  1. I love the article . I just ordered some of the refurbished stuff as it is less than half the cost of the new stuff and I think as good . Even old armor warn is far far better then new armor still at the store . Also it allows me to buy armor for the wife and kids . Better some than none .
    Thanks so much .
    Robert W


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