New NAT GEO Movie: American Blackout – October 27th

Just got word that on October 27th the National Geographic Channel will premiere a new movie….American Blackout. Looks really interesting and right up my alley.


Here is a short synopsis from NatGeo:

American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyber attack — told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. You’ll learn what it means to be absolutely powerless. Gritty, visceral and totally immersive, see what it might take to survive from day one, and who would be left standing when the lights come back on.


From reading it , it sounds like there may be more than one episode but cannot see specifically any information on that from the shows website. Interesting concept. Generally I have felt that anything that gets people thinking about preparing is positive. Doomsday Preppers? – not so much. I think it shows preppers in a bad light. Just from what I have seen on the American Blackout website I am looking forward to watching it.

Here are a couple of promo video’s:




October 27th at 9pm on NatGeo. Should be interesting.

Special of blackouts….anyone have any interesting “power outage”stories of when there was an extended power outage? Lets keep it clean 🙂


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21 thoughts on “New NAT GEO Movie: American Blackout – October 27th”

  1. will be interesting to see if “gun toting militia members” will be the bad guys. . . . if there isn’t a lib left-wing slant, I will be surprised.

  2. Yep. Expect them to exercise the usual convoluted lack of restraint in the name of “entertainment” and “ratings”. But I will be watching.

  3. We used to live in a redwood forest near the left coast. In heavy rain and wind trees would sometimes fall over power lines. The power company scheduled effort to restore power by how many people / customers were put online in the shortest time.

    One year the community I lived in (300 homes) had several trees go down over power lines. The one at the bottom of the area affected everyone. The next affected 80 homes, the next affected about 30, and the last affected only two homes. We were in the group of 30.

    They wouldn’t even schedule a crew unless our community cleared the trees off the power lines for two weeks. As a side note, we had our own water system serving the community, with about one to two days of storage without power, and no backup system.

    The result was this. Over three days the guys in the community pooled resources and cleared all of the fallen trees. It took less time to get power restored, but everyone had zero water on tap for three or four days, over and above counting on wood stoves for heat and camp stoves for cooking. I bought a generator on the way home plus two 5 gallon fuel cans, filling the generator and the cans before going home. I ran the generator twice per day, morning and evening to keep the refrigerator and freezer good, saving the food.

    Over and above that, a couple of neighbors pulled power cords to my generator to keep their foods frozen, too. But, we gathered immediate neighbors over, and had everyone bring a dutch oven dish each evening, or ingredients for one of the extra ones we had. We have over a dozen old style oil lamps we lit up, using paper plates and plastic ware everyone tha showed up had a good time.

    We collected rain water in clean garbage cans to use the toilet. Over 3 days without water we used about 8 gallons of bottled water for cleaning and drinking. Used the camp stove to heat water for washing dishes and ourselves.

    We still keep in touch with a couple from the old neighborhood. It seems we were the instigators pulling people together for impromptu, sometimes necessary, old style cooking sessions. They haven’t done it in the years since we left.

    While power is much more reliable where we are now, I still have the generator and fuel fresh at the start of winter, which is MUCH COLDER here, just in case.

  4. GREAT job, CM! May I offer one suggestion?

    Next time, have a ceramic filter (or, whatever you prefer) available and filter that captured water for human consumption; shock it after filtering, if necessary (Leslie’s pool shock, 73% calcium hypochlorite — only a (very) few tiny grains per gallon). Save the dishwater and bath water for flushing toilets.

    Just a thought.

  5. I’ll go along with ‘Rick’. Watch by all means. Watch with an eye for the spin and do take note of the goods ideas. Even “WWZ” gave me a few ideas new to me.

  6. I’m hoping the producers at Nat Geo go for education versus ratings. After the show airs, I’ll bet it wil be hard to find generators or solar panels available on the shelves. I am willing to share my alternative energy supplies, but they may have to siphon some gas from their vehicles to power it up. I liked CM’s idea of having a Block Party to share food and resources amongst their neighbors. It amazes me the way some folks let trees grow up thru the powerlines, or right next to their homes. Winter storms and/or fires can have a devastating affect.

  7. Interesting timing in light of the GridEx exercise scheduled for next month.

    Our power goes out fairly frequently, so we have a generator and all kinds of back ups. We share w/our immediate neighbors if the power is out for any length of time. One has little ones, so it’s only right to help. We do limit it to fridge couple times/day, and a lamp and fan/heater depending on time of year. Worst outage was a week. That was before we bought the generator. However, 6 homes directly across the street are on a different grid. They were kind enough to run extension cords for those of us w/children in our homes, and we in turn allowed others to save thier food in our fridges/freezers.

  8. Perfect timing? The government is set to test the power grid system in November…hmmm? Getting us conditioned to living without power when they (or “terrorist”) shut it down so they can roll in martial law? Just seems odd.

    p.s. – FYI…also keep an eye on Nov. 1st. The EBT system temporary extension on funding runs out. Riot to ensue? A big power blackout would be just what they need. Just sayin’

    “Semper Promptus”
    (always ready)

  9. Hoss, Ithink you’re not too far from the truth. Obama has his ass in a jam with the 500 million he spent on a useless website, then skips town to go campaigning, letting everyone else in his regims take the heat! Next will be cutting off food programs, that will lead to much unrest, which will lead him to declare marshall law. I saw Marshall law in the Phillippines in the 70s, IT WASN’T GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE.

  10. i will be watching.i lived through several hurricanes and the worst thing about all and that all have in coming are no electric.with sandy we had no phone no electric no cable no cell for four weeks and it was five weeks before the cell started working again slowly the other things cam back we lived in new jersey at the time and watched from our condo windows the people swimming around cars floating when the water went down it looked like a bomb zone i never seen any thing like that except the fall out of the world trade center i lived just eight miles away seen the last plane hit went over my porch so low it shook the condo but sandy was in my neighborhood and it too was bad i had heard from the police that all the stores in the area were hit bad to mostly from looters people stole cars food killings stole gas cars abandoned all over the place.its just like the walking if you think it cant happen.they killed good people for what they had there simple things to.the reason i stayed in my apartment my wife and my self was because we have three large birds and it hard to board them out and very expensive to i moved our cars to higher ground collected lots of supply’s a few days before things i was lacking and lots of ice and we did fine people ask how we survived and they have a hard time with how we did it but we made the best of what we had and did the same thing we did at home any way when we were able to go out side we were the only people around and had to climb over furniture to get just to the parking lot again it can happen and it can happen to you it took a whole year for the owner of the property to clean it all up and any one that lived on the first floor lost it all including some i know first hand about prepping and what the end might look like and might happen put what you can a side for that rainy day at least one months worth and don’t tell anyone what you are doing unless it is your family because if the shtf others will try to take your stuff they will come as friends and leave as wolfs and fat ones to so protect your self and your family thanks pastor ken

  11. Hoss, after reading your comment, our local news devoted several minutes to a story about the stimulus money drying up…your comment was very timely! Y’all keep stacking em high and praying, I know I am!(i know, i stole that tag line, but boy is it ever appropriate here!)

  12. grammyp, we don’t “steal”, we “share”; I’m sure I “shared” it from someone or somewhere else, along the line. That’s what family is for!

  13. I missed Walking Dead for this trash?
    The full gamut of stupid people from totally unprepared to prepared doing incredibly stupid things, Not one useful thing to be gleaned from this. Fantasyland recovery of a continental wide grid crash in under two weeks. What B.S. Catastrophe light! D.

  14. I disagree.

    I was taking notes the entire time and you are absolutely correct – it showed just how stupid – or ignorant are. They are totally unprepared and just will not wake-up – even when they are knee deep in it – and think SMART.

    I thought the show did a good job of showing the build up of panic, the sequence of events – sometimes not in the order which I would say, and the total lack of preparation. The violence and panic was shown – ut not to the level that I thought.

    I have a post coming up from my notes during the show. So many mistakes – some which I think were on purpose to show the mistakes themselves.

    If every American were to watch it I think there would be more food in all households. For that – it was positive.


  15. Well, at least I feel a little better, having found out just before I wanted to watch this show that Comcast has changed our lineup for our monthly extortion by eliminating NatGeo.


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