New Movie: CONTAGION – due for release September 9th

Reader “Ben” recently left a comment and mentioned a new movie “Contagion” that was coming out soon. I checked it out and it looks to be very interesting – here is one of the trailers:

Contagion Trailer by teasertrailer


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  1. My husband & I see only about 2 movies a year in theaters; even with his military discount, it’s too expensive to go more often. But this movie is one we’re really looking forward to seeing on the big screen!

  2. Rourke,

    I saw this tonight! It left me speechless. I had to wash my hands after the movie. HA! You cannot realize how quickly something like that could spread. I won’t give away any more. This movie will make you change your preps and how you look at pathogens.

    Oh, and don’t eat anything before you go see it…lol. It’s not a popcorn or snacks movie! It will leave you thinking and looking at your world a LOT differently.

    Go see it everyone! You will not be dissapointed.


  3. Rourke,
    I have to agree with Ben, I also went last night to see it and ….. without a doubt, the movie will get you thinking about preps and the way we do things in general.
    It is a very god movie, it is not an action movie, it is rather slow, but, the one thing that struck me is the reality they portray in it….it has some very very real scenario’s in it and it will get you thinking about life in general….
    Go see it, and enjoy ….. lol but like Ben said, don’t eat till after the movie 🙂

    Preppin Pawpaw

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