NEW Kindle book “Getting Home” on sale this week……

51hHGYjtUiL._SL160_A new book called Getting Home was just recently released and is on sale this week for .99 cents. It is available via Kindle download.


Here is a summary of the book:

What will you do when disaster strikes?
How will you get home to your family?
What should you have with you to survive?

Getting Home addresses these, and many more questions.

Written in a clear and concise manner, with the reader that has beginning or intermediate knowledge of survival and disaster preparedness in mind, Getting Home explores the following topics:

1. Creating a robust Every Day Carry (EDC) kit
2. Supplementing your EDC with a Daypack (DP)
3. What to store in your office (or other facility while you are away from home)
4. Selecting and outfitting your vehicle
5. Selecting and outfitting a Get Home Bag (GHB)
6. Creating Caches
7. Getting Home: Tips and Tactics for Survival


A paperback version should be released soon as well.

For more information click HERE.



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  1. Rourke,
    Thanks, I just downloaded it and will begin the read today 🙂 Always good to see what other ideas I can add to my own plans.

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