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The majority of my food storage revolves around common foods found in grocery stores all over the country. Storing what I eat and eating what  store is what I practice for the most part. I have recently begun purchasing freeze dried and dehydrated foods to supplement.

On a shopping trip to a local “Mart” recently, I came across a couple of products that peaked my interest. These are complete meals that only require water to prepare.

The first one I came across was the Banquet Homestyle Bakes. The link takes you to Amazon which actually sells these meals through a subscription/delivery service. Check the link for more information on this product. These are a “just add water” product. There are several flavors and many contain meat – which for me is a bonus. They are relatively inexpensive as well at around $3.00. Shelf life is in excess of a year- I suspect much longer is the reality.

The next product I saw was the Betty Crocker Helper Complete Meals. This link also goes to Amazon and they offer a subscription/delivery service on these as well. These also from what I have seen are “just add water” and many varieties contain meat. Storage life is in excess of a year. Price – same at around $3.00.

These two products look to be a good addition to my food storage program. Some plus’s are light weight, simple to prepare – just add water, and pretty inexpensive.

I have not tried them yet – will report when I do.

Take care all –



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  1. Hi Rourke, those box meals have been around for quite awhile here in the Midwest. We tried them and decided not to stock them because of the price and portion size. A person could put together a similar meal in larger portions for the same price. They also require baking….which we’ve elected to avoid with our emergency food preps.

    Here’s a link to a solar oven test with the lasagna meal:

    That test was done in 2003, I don’t know if Betty Crocker still sells the lasagna dinner or not.

  2. Rourke, good points. Food storage does not need to be expensive, there are some very inexpensive choices out there to look at. I know many people look at food storage and cringe with the thought ” I could never get all of that” they get dismayed and give up, It can be done and the above products will fill a niche role for some. This is a good way to get started with something at least and that’s what really counts.

  3. I’ve tried two of the Banquet meals. Taste is good. One had expired by a few months and I did not notice anything unpleasant. Downside….. LOTS of sodium, which I guess wouldn’t matter if you were in a SHTF scenerio.

  4. You know, I never even thought of stocking up on these because I didn’t know the shelf life was that long.

    I love these meals, they’re absolutely DELICIOUS!

    Of course, these are somewhat expensive compared to the $0.89 I’m used to paying per can for baked beans, canned fruit, etc. However, if you factor in how many cans equal a complete meal with the same number of servings as these meals, it starts to balance out.

    Looks like I’m taking a trip to Wal-Mart soon.


  5. Kind of high in Sodium for us Old Farts with high blood pressure. Might make a good starting point for a larger meal by adding Thrive or Gourmet Reserve veggies. That would dilute the Sodium somewhat.

    Absolutely has to be better than MRE’s.

  6. I have tried these and they are all good. I like the fact that you can have thjem for a year or more and that they have meat in them too. Great find and thanks for the info Rourke.

  7. I really wanted to be excited about these, but upon closer examination all of the Betty Crocker food is loaded with hydrogenated oils and MSG. Both of which are VERY unhealthy. MSG causes brain damage, and hydrogenated oils cause hardening of the arteries and heart disease. I assume the Banquet stuff is full of bad stuff as well, but I couldn’t find an ingredient list online.

    In fact I’ve been looking for a solid dehydrated food company that doesn’t load their food with crap, and the only one I could find was eFoods Direct. But they are a multi-level marketing company, which is a whole different kind of evil that I refuse to support.

  8. Rourke

    You may have a problem on your site my virus and malware is going off every time I come on the site. I didn’t want to say it here but I know you monitor comments. I couldn’t see any other way to let you know there may be a problem.

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