New Book: All We Like Sheep

awls-bookI have been doing a decent amount of reading lately with most of it not related to preparedness. I just received a new book called “All We Like Sheep“. Interesting title, huh? Here is the basic plot summary:

George Washington is rolling in his grave…or is he? Madison Thomas, a slightly awkward American Studies professor at Georgetown University has stumbled upon centuries-old encrypted documents that speak of an underground movement—spawned by the Sons Of Liberty—that planned to keep eight of the Founding Fathers alive in a state of suspended animation. The group’s intentions? Reviving the Fathers in the future to lead a second American Revolution! With his discovery, Thomas unwittingly sets into motion a dangerous series of events, resulting in kidnap, murder and mayhem, and exposes an even more sinister cabal that has manipulated world governments for millennia.

Took some thinking to come up with this story. I have heard it suggested many times that what we need is another Ronald Reagan – bu in this story it appears we get the actual Founding Fathers back. Cool. Looking forward to reading it.

Anyone read this yet? Don’t give it away – I haven’t read it yet.

For more info click HERE.


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3 thoughts on “New Book: All We Like Sheep”

  1. Looks interesting!

    I am currently blowing through he Elvis Cole detective series; not survival per se, but the main characters do use a Dan Wesson .38, and a Kimber .45. Also, one drives an old jeep Cherokee, same as me.
    Urban survival, you might say.


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