New Apocolyptic Movie – Battle: Los Angeles

Hey all –

Just saw an ad on TV for this new movie – Battle:Los Angles. Looks like it will be good. Typical aliens invading to take over the Earth and destroy all human life-  gotta love it.

Coming out March 11th.


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  1. As someone who has extensively studied outer space, and orbital mechanics, I’ve never been able to get into “alien invasion” movies.

    Unless the aliens have some strange cultural need to fight hand-to-hand like the Ancient Spartans, then there really is no need to do it. Just go out into the solar system, find a nice small 10-20 mile wide asteroid, and drop it on the planet you want to wipe out. Then you can tap into the TV broadcasts of the natives, and every time you see someone crying, or running for their lives, you can take a chug of beer!

    Not to mention that our entire solar system is overflowing with resources that any half-way intelligent species can figure out how to use and exploit without ever bothering to set foot (or perhaps tentacle as whatever the case might be) on Earth.

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