New Alex Jones Video warns of WWIII

Here is a new video from Alex Jones. I generally believe approx 50% of what Alex has to say. Love him or hate him – he is never afraid to speak his mind.

I am sure it is just coincidental – but I have seen a tremendous amount of military vehicles on the interstate in the past couple weeks.



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  1. A large number of military vehicles on the road during the time when National Guard units prepare for and move to annual training is the norm. Were I still in, I would be on my way to Ft. Riley right about now.

  2. Rourke
    this sounds fishy. But the reason you have seen more mil. trucks on the road is probably due to the fact that is USARNG traning season, for local units not in the WOT.

  3. I guess that believing in 50% of what he’s saying makes him 200% more trustworthy than a politician….

  4. Things are economicaly set up worldwide for ww3 but who knows
    The vehicles you see are most likely either coming back, being deployed because we (USA) are doing unit rotations overseas right now or are National Guard conducting their 2 wk summer training. No military conspiracies bub, just doing their job

  5. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he( the Antichrist, emphasis mine) shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand. Daniel 8:25

  6. I agree with you Rourke, About half of what Alex says is BS but the other half is the part that scares me. We are headed down a road that is a one way street. I also agree with the others that it is the season for the guard and reserve to do their summer camps so we will all see a lot of military vehicles out on the road. Great post.

  7. I take Alex Jones with a grain of salt. His website is in my favorites and I check it from time to time to get a different perspective. While I find some of his stuff interesting, I find a lot of it sensationalized. He reports on a lot of stuff that other news organizations do not and you certainly get a different side of the story but I don’t think the whole world is ruled by a single group of Masons or Illuminati, but rather, a group of industrialists/corporate multinationals and bankers. It’s quite simple really and all of the information is out there for all to see. I think it has always been this way. In simple terms, the people with the most chips call the shots. I think you can see this on the international level, national level and even on the local level. Ever been to a small town where the richest family in the area runs most of “the show”? I have a lot of freinds who believe in the Illuminati and the Secret Societies and how they have run the world through the ages. They tell me about how the Bilderbergers or whoever are planning to control us all and rid the world of 90% of the populationa and on and on. My question to them is always the same. If they have all of this power and technology. Why don’t they just do it? Why don’t they just “off” 5 billion people and put us into this “prison planet control grid”. Why waste anymore time? Just do it and take control! They never seem to have an answer. Just that…it’s coming. Well WHEN IS IT COMING? If they have all of this power and control then why don’t they weild it? Could it be that they don’t have as much power as some are led to believe? This is nothing new folks. Man (in one form or another) has tried to control other men since we quit hunting and gathering. I think it will go on ad infinitium….or until we blow each other up.

    I am guessing we will try and blow each other up first.

    Prepare yourselves!

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