Netflix Pick: Them!

I saw this movie well over 30 years ago and it scared the gajeebers out of me. Yes……the gajeebers. What a mess.

The idea of giant ants taking over the world – well, good to watch on TV – not so good in real life I suppose. Old black and white movie, good acting, great story. Well worth a watch.

Netflix summary: The inhabitants of a small Southwestern town feel the fallout when radiation from bomb tests creates giant, mutant ants that descend on their community. Facing human extermination, a team of scientists scrambles to figure out how to stop “them.” Filled with creepy creatures large and small, this 1954 sci-fi spectacular is one of the most influential horror films of all time — and also captures America’s mood at the dawn of the Atomic Age.

What is best of all – Them! is available to Watch Instantly through your Netflix account.


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  1. Talk about a blast from the past! I saw this when I was a kid as well – back in the days a movie was 25 cents. Thanks for letting me know it is on Netflix streaming . . . now I wonder how scared I will be this time around?

  2. Back in the late 50’s / early 60’s “THEM” got shown on NYC local tv about every 3 weeks. Watched it every time.. Maybe this is a part if why I have a food. gear and weapons stash 🙂

  3. Great movie, when I saw the pic I could still here that wierd sound they made and remembered Peter Graves throwing thermite grenades inside the ant hill. Just a simple good old fashion scary movie. At least I think it was Peter Graves, Man I was a kid.

  4. How come all the scientist in those days had beautiful daughters as their assistants? As I recall this movie starred James Arness as an FBI agent. Great actor (remember Marshall Dillon) who recently passed away.

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