Netflix pick: The Omega Man

In an effort to try to make these Netflix picks all “Watch Instantly” movies and TV shows – I present The Omega Man. The recent smash hit I Am Legend was a remake based on this Charlton Heston movie. I actually watched I Am Legend first – and although I really enjoyed it – I actually liked the older version better.

Here is a summary of The Omega Man:

Charlton Heston plays Robert Neville, one of the last “intact” survivors of a biological war that’s ravaged Earth’s population in this Boris Sagal-helmed sci-fi thriller based on Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend. Armed with an experimental vaccine for the disease that’s turned everyone into light-averse zombies, Neville roams the empty streets of Los Angeles by day and fights off the mutated “subnormals” at night.

If you haven’t seen it – check it out.




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  1. I actually thought The Omega Man was a really silly movie. Maybe it was just the very heavy 1970’s flavor of it, but I thought most of it was over-the-top absurd even for a “sci-fi” flick.

    A post-apocalyptic movie I highly recommend is The Road. It’s gritty and somber and certainly not a “date movie” but absolutely worth 2 hours of your life! I gave it 5 stars on my Netflix account, and it’s very rare that I rate a movie that highly.

  2. The Omega Man Rocks. May I also recommend another classic Charlton Heston sci-fi movie.

    Soylent Green.

    Mr. Heston made some of the best sci-fi movies of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Sometimes I think the best parts of these movies are the quotes that appear in our lexicon of popular culture.

    “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

    “Soylent Green is people!”

    “There’s never a cop around when you need one.”

    Great stuff!

  3. The Last Man on Earth was the first film made from the book I Am Legend. Vincent Price in 1964. Quite a different style of movie making back then.

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