Netflix pick: Survivors

I loved this series – which takes place in England. It is available in both DVD as well as instant streaming.

Here is a summary of the 6-episode 2008 series:

When a deadly strain of flu decimates the world’s population, a scrappy group of survivors find themselves struggling to exist in a world devoid of electricity, running water and government services. Starting from scratch, the living — including a desperate mom (Julie Graham) searching for her missing son and an escaped convict (Max Beesley) who lost his mother to the pandemic — band together to start society anew in this BBC series. 

There was a 2nd season as well in 2010 also with 6 episodes:

This British sci-fi series about a deadly virus that claims most of the planet’s population hits its stride as Abby (Julie Graham) travels to a sealed-off “safe” area, where scientists are eager to learn how she survived a global pandemic. Elsewhere, Anya (Zoe Tapper) and Al (Phillip Rhys) remain pinned under debris in a crumbling hospital, and Sarah (Robyn Addison) strikes a life-saving bargain with a stranger.

Good entertainment!

Just search “Survivors” on Netflix.



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  1. My husband & I enjoyed the series so much, we bought season 1 on DVD. (And we don’t tend to buy DVDs much, own less than 60, most of which are hubby’s favorite horror flicks.)

    • Hi JeanseS –

      I think it is about time to sit down and watch both seasons – it has been awhile for me.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. I always love your Netflix recommendations. Saves me a lot of time searching out the good stuff. I got hooked on Decoded and sure hope that additional episodes are added.


  3. Interesting premise and I enjoyed the first season but boy the brits are sheep. They are so afraid of guns and defending themselves. I wonder if this sort of serf mentality really is the norm in Britain.

  4. Funny you bring this up, I started watching this about a week and a half ago, love it. I find myself kind of critiquing it a bit as they go, but then I remember they are in the UK, and there aren’t many guns available. Anyway, good show

  5. Completely unrealistic that there would not be many guns available. Contrary to the popular image of the nightstick wielding Bobby today the British PoPo have guns in all there stations and if the SHTF like this there would be no shortage of SA80s and other military ordinance on the streets up to and including FV4034 Challenger 2 tanks. Especially if only 1% of the population survived everyone who is smart would find a gun and be willing to use it.

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