Netflix pick: Survivorman

What knife is Les Stroud holding? Anyone know?

I have watched many of Les Stroud’s Survivorman and just found out that I can stream episodes instantly to my laptop or TV. Looking forward to watching many more.

What knife is Les Stroud holding? Anyone know?


One of the things I have really liked about this series is the method which it isĀ filmedĀ – Les is out there by himself. That provides an “edge” and realism to the situation that is not found on other similar shows.

Here is Netflix’s summary

“Les Stroud showcases his survival prowess in various locations — like the Canadian arctic and on a raft in the middle of the ocean near Belize — where locating food, water, and supplies to build shelter pose as his chief challenges. With no production crew present for this gripping television series, Stroud goes for up to seven days video recording his highs and lows during meticulously planned jaunts around the globe.”

Good stuff!



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  1. He also has a one time show from several years ago showing him and his family converting an old cabin in the Canadian wilderness to being an off-grid home. Pretty good show that I saw before I was familar with him being Survivor Man.

  2. Who needs cable when I have Netflix. I just don’t get it from folks that are compaining because Netlix is upping their fees. I enjoy my membership immencly(?).

  3. “15 Inch Jungle Master Hunting Knife “A similar knife is available on Amazon. 10.5” serrated blade, but don’t know if it’s identical. For the price Amazon lists, I doubt it. Still it’s stainless and looks very similar, I’m sure he would use a Military Grade special purpose unit.

  4. Hi Rouke –

    I like the SurvivorMan series; I even received the 3 season DVD set for Father’s Day last year. It’s worth watching.

    Like you, I like the fact that he’s out there by himself. You can see he gets lonely, he gets hungry, and he doesn’t take unnecessary risks.

    It’s not necessarily a true survival tutorial, but you can learn a few things from it.

  5. If you go back even further you will find that he and his wife were also the victims of water borne parasites in their early off grid experiences. There is a lesson there for anyone thinking about living off the land. This looks easier on TV then it is in real life.

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