Netflix Pick: Red Dawn

One of my all time favorite movies……Red Dawn.

Red Dawn, movie, survival movie

Netflix Summary……..”When a group of high schoolers witnesses Soviet and Cuban paratroopers descending on their small Colorado town and systematically setting off World War III, the teens — led by Jed Eckert (Patrick Swayze) — take food and whatever weapons they can find and hightail it into the hills to wait things out. But with the communist invaders on their trail, Jed and his young compatriots decide to launch a guerilla campaign and strike back.”

This is a DVD-only offering from Netflix – and a good one.

How many times have you watched Red Dawn?






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  1. They had it for sale at Walmart a couple of years ago for $5.00 so I picked it up. I can’t even count the number of times I have watched it.

  2. Hello, I have been reading your blogs. Keep it up.

    Anyway, I have watched Red Dawn all my life and I never get bored with it. I believe that I have watched it for over thousands time and still going. By the way, if you know the new red dawn is coming out. You might want to check it out.

    God’s grace be with you,


  3. I dunno, maybe once a month since it came out on VHS? *cackle*

    How about it was the first VHS that I had to buy again cause I wore it out…

  4. I love this movie. I have watched it many times and it never gets old. It was well thought out and gives us hope at the same time. It is a must watch movie. Patrick Swayze is excellent in the movie. He was very you when this was shot. Good pick Rourke!!

  5. Awesome movie, I am not looking forward to the re-make, however – some significant plot changes seem like it will lose any semblance of believe-ability.

  6. I’ve watched it start to finish 5 or 6 times, but have caught it on tv and watched bits and pieces of it dozens of times. Like terminator and t2 if its on i can’t resist. Its a great movie. Ive been waiting for the remake that was filmed mostly here in metro detroit but have heard there are some political corectness issues with the chinese being the primary invaders. Great website by the way, i like the new posts everyday and the fact its updated early cuz I’m usually on by 6 am.

  7. Seen it about 100 times or more… Charlie Sheen before his current “issues”, of course… and were you aware of the remake? I’m hoping that they don’t butcher it…

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