DVD Pick: I Want Your Money

I watch a decent amount of TV while trying to relax and especially like educational documentaries.

I came across a documentary that I thought was just fantastic. The title is I Want Your Money. Both funny and educational – here is a summary:

“Drawing on presidential speeches, comic animation and graphics, this rousing political documentary examines the U.S. economy and holds the government accountable, with Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama pitted as flip sides of the federal spending coin. The film describes the course of the American dream during recent administrations, with such politicos as Ken Blackwell, Mike Huckabee and Andrew Breitbart putting in their two cents.”

With animated appearance of both Bush presidents, Nixon, Palin, Clinton and more – very entertaining.

This is not just fluff making fun of the liberal agenda as both sides of the aisle are taken to task when necessary. There are facts and great explanations provided from a small-government and conservative point of view.

Highly recommended.


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