Netflix pick: Ever Since The World Ended

This movie is filmed as a post-Apocalypse documentary. I watched it several months ago and found it rather disturbing. Some of the attitudes displayed by characters seem unbelievable to me – but this takes place 12 years after a devastating plague – so who knows how people would react.

Ever Since The World Ended

“Twelve years after a plague has devastated the world’s population, 186 people remain in San Francisco, two of whom traverse the depopulated landscape with camera and microphone documenting the disaster’s aftermath. Featuring interviews with survivors and eerie images of the ravaged city (including a decaying Golden Gate Bridge), this faux documentary from Calum Grant and Joshua Atesh Litle imagines how life might persist after widespread death.”

This title is available both as DVD rental as well as Instant Streaming.

If you watch it – would like to hear what you think.ave you share your thoughts here.





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