Negativity will drag you down

Sorry this is posting late today:


This world is unbelievably negative. Most people around me – home, work, friends – seem to relish in the demise of others and spew out a constant stream of negative comments. I think “gossip” taking over English as the most common language here in the States. What I often hear is “Guess what so and so did today.” and “You won’t believe who did what and with whom.” It is pretty ridiculous.

I rarely watch the news – especially the local news. No surprise – the news typically is full of nothing but bad news talking about who killed who and what politician got caught with a prostitute as well as a daily dose robbers, rapes and burglaries. Honestly – I am just not interested in negative news.

A few years ago as part of my job I attended some seminars which was related to relationships between people. It is a fact that if you are exposed to negativity – it will have a negative impact on you and can effect your outlook and demeanor. Now if you are exposed to positive images, news, and experiences – it will likely have a positive impact on you.

Something else I have learned and try my best at is choosing my own attitude. In Seattle Washington there is a fish market and the workers there seem so happy. Now – these guys are surrounded by wet, stinky smelly fish all day long – yet they appear to be perfectly happy. They choose to confront their situation positively. There are many days that my job just flat out sucks and I spend quite a bit of time stressed out and frustrated. With that in mind – I walk through my door at home and never say anything about it. I do not walk in kicking the wife and slapping the dog. If I am asked how my day went – I will answer brightly “Better than I deserve!” . My positive response will have a positive impact on my family. If someone cares about you and then you let of a rage filled 5 minute rant about how crappy your life is –  they themselves will likely become depressed and unhappy.

I wish more people thought about how their negative comments and statements effect others. The world might be a better place to live.

By the way – I am having a great day today!!!!! You?


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  1. It’s funny… I’ve been a daily Drudge Report reader for years and years, but a few days ago, I got really discouraged by how f-ed up the articles have been. People killing children, a lady dead in a public pool for two days, riots in Greece, politicians lying and cheating on everything and everybody. I’ve barely looked at Drudge yesterday or today, and I’m weaning myself on it to escape the negativity.

    You speak some wise words here today, my friend.


  2. Rourke,

    Wow. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite “prepper sites”. You always seem to have a cornicopia of information posted on here and nothing is off limits. I can say with complete honesty that your site is like no other. And, I think that is how it should be and I think that is great. Look at the title of your website. Modern Survival Online. That about says it all doesn’t it? I don’t think anything should be off limits when you are talking about prepping, survival or disaster preparedness. If you read a lot of survival or preparedness books, one thing that is always brought up as a topic is the “psychological factor” invovled in staying alive. What does that entail? A positive attitude and obviously, a will to go on or something to live for back home. I honestly think it is 90% of the game.

    If you ever happen to read anything on the holocaust you find that the individuals who made it through that experience were always the ones who had something to live for or generally had a positive attitude. Or as positive as they could maintain in those hellhole’s.

    In Man’s Search for Meaning Victor Frankl says:

    “Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

    There’s power in them there words ain’t there?

    I don’t know where we lost it as a society. I have my theories, as I am sure many others do as well. I can usally trace it back to one thing. I find that a lot of people are spritually weak or confused. Not all, mind you, but most. I know that sounds harsh but I think it is the truth. Full disclosure, I would include myself in that category as well. I am no rock by any means, but I still go out there and try to be decent to people, to be respectful. How sad is it that people are surprised when you treat them with dignity and respect?

    We have become a nation of fearful and paranoid souls. As I said, it’s spiritual weakness and confusion. Take that at it’s face. It not an advertisement for Christianity or any other type of following, I am merely making a personal observation. I have my own set of beliefs and that seems to carry me thru life and I think that element has to be there for people to make it through this journey.

    Like I said, I don’t care what it is, but a belief in something larger than yourself tends to put things into perspective for a person and can add some humility as well, not to mention keeping the ego in check.

    Being decent to people and having a positive attitude is something you have to cultivate. You have to work at it. However, that seems to be the hardest venture of all in our society. Isn’t it easier to tear another down? To be negative and take joy in another person’s misery or downfall? Isn’t that fun? I see this all of the time. I see it at work, at the grocery stores, on tv, online and in any other institution you can think of in this country.

    It’s quite sad really, and at times I find myself feeling rather hopeless. I can’t help but think we are completely doomed.

    I think George Carlin said it best:

    “We are so self important….and the greatest arrogance of all is Save The Planet…What? Are these fucking people kidding me? Save the planet? We don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet? We haven’t learned how to care for one another yet. Were gonna save the fucking planet? I am tired of that shit!”

    So is that were we are going? Into darkness? People in my SG chide me all the time about a SHTF scenario and how I think that if people would take the time and learn to work together that maybe we could figure this thing out. If we learned to rely on one another I don’t think there is anything we could not accomplish as a nation. We could make it through this time in our history.

    That’s not what they members of my SG say…they say..”No way!” People will return to there animal instincts and it will be every man for himself. Don’t get me wrong, I have no Pollyanna dreams of thinking that things will be just fine. It will get medieval if we had something like an EMP.

    But is that the best we can do? Resort to being animals and guarding our shit? Or is it just easier to waste your fellow countrymen? See what that’s like, and see if you can live with yourself after that experience. No man or woman should ever have to live with that on their conscience.

    Do we always have to believe in that paradigm?

    I guess it’s just easier to have a negative attitude eh?

    Good stuff Rourke.

    Sorry if I rambled on.


    Suggested Reading

    The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe

    • Hi Ben –

      Thanks for the comments and great points as well.

      Not much more to say on the subject myself other than I try to keep as positive as possible although negativity surrounds me.

      The more people think and consider what they say, how they say it – and the effect it may have on other people – the more they may realize how negative they are and change (if they even need to).

      Thanks again –


  3. When someone ask me how I am I say ” I am just as happy as if I had good sense ” It mostly makes them smile and it may be true too .

    Thanks for all you do .
    Robert W

  4. This is a great statement, I hope many of your readers take it with them and think of it throughout the day. It’s easy to be negative and not think about the impact it has on others. Once in a great while I’ll bring something home from work, I’ll tell my story and not dwell on it but mostly I feel I am pretty good at not letting work affect me at home (get home, focus on home, leave work at the door); I should probably remember this article from time to time while at work. =)

  5. Amen! I have had many setbacks in my life, most from my own poor decisions early on in life. I made a conscious decision several years ago to be happy. You would not believe what a differnce that has made in my overall outlook and my life. Instead of waiting for happiness to happen to you, you have to just BE happy. Once I figured that out, my life has never, never been the same…..I HIGHLY recommend it!

  6. This is one of those posts that makes you think and we could all use more of those. I don’t watch tv EXCEPT for the news, but here in Maine it’s not as bad as other places (cities) that I’ve been to, so watching it is how I stay informed of local events. Excellent point about being upbeat for you family after a days work. I’m going to try it on Tuesday. Happy 4th!

    -Jarhead Survivor

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