Negativity will drag you down

Rourke: This post was originally published HERE back in 2011. It still holds true today.


This world is unbelievably negative. Most people around me – home, work, friends – seem to relish in the demise of others and spew out a constant stream of negative comments. I think “gossip” taking over English as the most common language here in the States. What I often hear is “Guess what so and so did today.” and “You won’t believe who did what and with whom.” It is pretty ridiculous.

I rarely watch the news – especially the local news. No surprise – the news typically is full of nothing but bad news talking about who killed who and what politician got caught with a prostitute as well as a daily dose robbers, rapes and burglaries. Honestly – I am just not interested in negative news.

A few years ago as part of my job I attended some seminars which was related to relationships between people. It is a fact that if you are exposed to negativity – it will have a negative impact on you and can effect your outlook and demeanor. Now if you are exposed to positive images, news, and experiences – it will likely have a positive impact on you.

Something else I have learned and try my best at is choosing my own attitude. In Seattle Washington there is a fish market and the workers there seem so happy. Now – these guys are surrounded by wet, stinky smelly fish all day long – yet they appear to be perfectly happy. They choose to confront their situation positively. There are many days that my job just flat out sucks and I spend quite a bit of time stressed out and frustrated. With that in mind – I walk through my door at home and never say anything about it. I do not walk in kicking the wife and slapping the dog. If I am asked how my day went – I will answer brightly “Better than I deserve!” . My positive response will have a positive impact on my family. If someone cares about you and then you let of a rage-filled 5 minute rant about how crappy your life is –  they themselves will likely become depressed and unhappy.

I wish more people thought about how their negative comments and statements effect others. The world might be a better place to live.

By the way – I am having a great day today!!!!! You?




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  1. Rourke-thanks for sharing.I missed this one when you first presented it. I agree that its important to be positive whenever possible.One can assertive but still be upbeat. I do hope though that you do share with your wife when you are both alone so she can understand some of your stress and vice versa.
    When I am grocery shopping and see people I smile and say hello and most times I receive a smile back.When I see a Mother or father trying to manage a list and budget and active children I smile and say
    I see you have some helpers today or you are sure a good Mom etc.
    “Sorrow shared is lessened and joy shared is multiplied”. Daily I thank God for my blessings and pray for those less fortunate in the world. Arlene

  2. There you go again wit those negative waves again Moriarty, always wit da negative waves. Woof woof. One of the best Donald Sutherland roles, and yes there’s too much negativity going on. Our Government is responsible for most of if not all of it!

  3. My father was raised old order Amish and i had the joy of his side of our family’s loving on me growing up as well even though he chose a different life. He was not free with compliments but gave them out when merited and i treasured each one from this hard working man. As i grew up i realized he taught me most things by example, not as much verbally. Knowing his hard upbringing-as the youngest at home with his five sisters married and homes/families of their own-nursing his father at home several years along side his mother with what was called creeping paralysis (probably Alzheimer’s which he died of last year,) i can’t recall him complaining. He only said he regretted the harsh treatment grandma endured since grandpa’s personality was changed in a negative way….i am sure he was treated badly as well. In fact, the only negative words i recall spoken by him were said if he could change a circumstance by communicating to someone that a change needed to be made. Complaining had no merit. Complaining, even when”justified”was not done. All that being said, my thought is that complaining is a HUGE negative. It drains and demoralizes one because it is personal…something one’s reaction to is to want to change. Most times you can’t. So, i get your reluctance to speak of negative issues with even your family. If speaking of it won’t change it, exposing someone i care about to the corrosive effects is not what i choose.

  4. John, many years ago when I worked in Boston and drove daily in the traffic there, I would stop off at a friends house that was on my way home, we discuss guns, future hunting trip or engage in one of our other mutual intrest, after a few cups of coffe I woul go home in a lot better frame of mind.

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