Need to wash up and no water?

Several months ago I received some samples of a “no-water” bathing solutions. Life has been busy and they sat in my garage untested. Last week while cleaning and organizing I came across the box of “No Rinse” stuff  and decided to do the right thing and give it a shot.

On return from a 1-mile run I grabbed the box and took out one of the No-Rinse Shower Caps. I opened the sealed package and found what I could describe as a heavy duty shower cap filled with some kind of slimy substance. I threw it on my head – and massaged it into my hair. Suds began forming and I a little leaked out of the cap. To tell the truth  – this stuff smelled great. Reading the directions it said once done just towel dry. I removed the No Rinse cap and towel dried my hair. I was truly amazed as my hair felt as clean as if I had taken a shower and smelt fantastic. 

Now, my wife was in the garage when I was doing this and she thought I looked ridiculous during the process and figured I was just having a “moment”. Once I was done – she was pretty impressed.

No Rinse has several other products that I have left to try including Bathing Wipes.

I definitely see why these products are finding there way into the stored supplies  of preparedness-minded folks. Water stops running out of the tap and the shower is not much more than another storage area? Products like these could really go a long way to help keep you truly clean and sanitary. Sanitation is going to be extremely important should the SHTF.

As I said – I was not expecting much but ended up really impressed.

For more information on these and other No Rinse products – click here.


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7 thoughts on “Need to wash up and no water?”

  1. Thank you once again for sharing your information. I recently was in the hospital having my knee replaced. I asked the nurse when I could shower and wash my hair. She brought me one of those shower caps and I was amazed with the results. Thanks for telling me where I can buy them. You are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you! My daughter was given one of these caps when she was hospitalized after a car accident. It worked wonderfully and I have been looking for them off and on for the past 7 years.

  3. I am a nurse and they are quite common in the Hospitals where I live. These would be great for temporary issues, but would be hard to stock up on for long term use if your prepping goes that way.


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