My Visit to The Palmetto State Armory

I recently visited an awesome “gun shop” that is within driving distance of my home. I put gun shop in quotes because although they carry many firearms – they also carry a huge selection of accessories as well. They are not your ordinary gun shop.

The place I am talking about is Palmetto State Armory located in Columbia South Carolina.

I arrived to Palmetto’s after my GPS took me on a tour of France (weather was nice). Walking in I was greeted by one of the employee’s there and asked to speak to the owner/manager.

I walked around a bit pretty much slobbering all over myself looking at all the armament – then one of the owners came out.

I introduced myself, and told him about my blog. He offered to show me around. He took me back into the warehouse and I was totally blown away.

ammo in gun store warehouse
There’s a lot more than ammo in that warehouse!!

Skids and skids of ammunition, parts, accessories and more went from wall to wall. To maintain security – they have a giant leashed alligator on patrol. Just kidding. What you see in the picture above is a HUGE mounted alligator to go on display at their next location.

silencers and supressors in gun store

Palmetto State Armory also carries numerous silencers and suppressors. I chatted with one employee about  the process of acquiring one of these devices and he was very knowledgeable.

ar-15 in gun store
These guys are AR-15 specialists.

One of the most impressive things about Palmetto is the tremendous assortment of AR parts, accessories and firearms available.

From custom lower and uppers – to specialty calibers – if you dream it they can probably get it.

handguns in gun store
Awesome selection AND prices.

Honestly – what is going to make me go back to Palmetto State Armory over and over again is their prices. I have a very large gun shop 2 miles from my house – and I probably should support them as they are local.

I just cannot pay upwards of 20-40% more – just because they are up the road. My dollars are too valuable.


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3 thoughts on “My Visit to The Palmetto State Armory”

  1. Looks like a really nice place. I am with you ,If I can save a little bit I will drive to get it there. Every dollar counts right now and if you can get more for the same amount of money of course it is worth the drive. They sure do have a lot of ammo there.

  2. Hey Rourke,

    I’ve been there about a month and a half ago. It was all you said and more. I didn’t get a tour of the warehouse but I did purchase some magazines there. Recently I ordered some ammo as well. Their prices are very competitive, especially rifle ammo – my caliber anyway. I will always swing by Palmetto State Armory especially since it is so convenient to I77.

    I know which local shop you refer to and I like them too. But when you’re going to Columbia, go to Palmetto State Armory.


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