My take on the Colorado shooting……

I often do not comment on major news stories because so many similar blogs often do. In this case – I will make an exception and provide my two cents.

First off – I cannot possibly imagine the terror, frustration, and sadness that the victims and families of victims must feel.

Second – the guy who is responsible  for this is pure evil and should have a bullet placed square in his head…

Next – absolutely if someone in that theater possessed a firearm and knew how to use it – things may have turned out different.

Further more – anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment folks will take advantage of this and seize it to promote their agenda.

There are a lot of rumors going around. People are suggesting that this might be a “false flag” and a set up to provide buy in to UN initiated gun control measures. I don’t think so.

Over the next weeks and months the mainstream media will inundate the public with information about the killer. We will learn where he grew up, who he dated, whether or not he was abused as a child. We might even learn his favorite cereal. The bottom line is the news media will focus on regurgitating the same information over and over again rather than informing the people of these United States of America of matters of reality, truth, and importance to the future of this country.

In no manner am I suggesting this unfortunate event is not important – but rather that the news media will focus in an unbalanced way on it while ignoring other critical stories that should be told.

I pray for the victim’s and families effected by this tragedy.


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  1. Declaring firearms to be evil and subject to confiscatory laws because of tragedies like this is very similar to declaring that forks cause obesity and should be outlawed as a part of our national healthcare program.

    I have read numerous pundits who say that if there had been armed citizens in the theater the death toll would have been higher from friendly fire incidents. Maybe, maybe not. To me the question is whether the “alleged shooter” would have even attempted his actions had he known someone may have been armed.

    As bad as it may sound, I have used the statistics of this incident as a selling point for my opinions in my group. Here is my argument:

    A majority of the injuries were caused by 5.56mm (.223) from Holmes’ assault rifle. However, in a crowded target rich environment he only scored 12 kills in 70 casualties.

    Sidebar – I would like to think that here in Texas and other reasonable legal carry states that would have meant 58 really pissed off people immediately returning fire. I don’t care what kind of body armor you have on, 100 to 200 projectiles flying your direction will cause some significant distress.

    I am a proponent of the 7.62mm NATO round which I believe is much more effective in CQC. In my opinion the only advantage an AR15/M4 has is the ability to carry more bullets within the same weight limits. But, even multiple rounds in the same target does not equate to confirmed kills. The theory in military combat is that every wounded fighter takes 2 others out of the fight to care for and protect him. Only elite units (Rangers, Marines, SEALs, etc) tend to disregard this philosophy in regular practice and even then it is only in mission critical situations. In SHTF survival combat where the rule of law and societal norms no longer exist that will most likely not be the case. Whatever firearm and caliber you select for your personal self defense and whatever personal ethics or morals drives your actions keep in mind that dead opponents can’t continue the fight.

  2. Rourke…I honestly think we know more about the killer in 3 days than we doa bout our Commander in Chief. OR is this my dream….Just frustrated I guess.

  3. Rourke, You covered it all- well said. I agree.Gun sales across the US are up. I have called and emailed our Senators, Congressmen and women and the President to reiterate our right to bear arms. Guns do not kill people- people do . Yes was evil and premeditated . They will fight for the insanity plea which I hope they lose .Too much violence on the TV, in the movies and on computer games. Arlene
    Here in NYs thousands are w/o power =very severe storms today and tomorrow.

  4. I must agree with Harry, as well. On those occasions, every couple years, when I think “maybe I should get an AR-platform firearm, too, in case..”, reality bites me in the butt and I remember that I cannot legally-shoot a deer with one in my home state BEFORE TSHTF ( .23 caliber or larger) and I could get 2-3 SKS’ (7.62×39, NOT NATO) or a Saiga 12 ga. and a .22 pistol for the same price.

  5. The timing of the whole thing — just days before the arms treaty vote by the UN — stinks! The story stinks and has a ton of unanswered questions and suspicious details. There is so much about this story that says False Flag. Seeing as that James Holmes is being portrayed as the Joker by the media, it only seems appropriate to quote him from The Dark Night movie — “It’s all part of the plan.”

    Here is what I would like to know…?

    Where is this supposed girlfriend that he recently broke up with?

    How did he kick in the exit door? Those doors are designed to only be opened from the inside.

    Was it him who answered the phone or another person who then got up to open then door for Holmes?

    He’s found by his car — whacked out on drugs, with body armor, his guns, and a bunch of bullets — after shooting all those people for “no apparent reason”, and he just gives up with not even the slightest struggle?

    Then he let’s the cops know that his apartment is rigged with booby-traps and explosives. Why bother going through all the effort to create what was called “highly sophisticated” traps and explosive devices, and then warn the people they were meant to kill about their existence?

    Why did previous news articles mention that “Public records indicate that Holmes lived with two roommates, also from California, in the Aurora building where police have found explosives…”, and now those same articles have been modified to exclude that tidbit of information?

    How did this guy who was supposedly unemployed and going to school via a grant have all the money needed to buy an AR-15, .40 caliber pistol, 7000 rounds of ammunition, body armor, tear gas, explosives, etc?

  6. I also find it strange that we know all about the killer and what basically happened, yet there is not a single photo, video, or detailed account of his actual arrest – which from everything I have heard, occurred outdoors in plain sight. The media was even playing computer animated demonstrations of the attack, but nothing about the arrest.

    It also bothers me that this guy was so incompetent with firearms. He was literally shooting fish in a barrel! He knew how to make bombs. He could have done much more damage by simply planting a bomb in the middle of the theater and walking out.

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