My apologies………

Today an article was published on MSO that was not properly vetted. My fault – my responsibility. I briefly reviewed the post – which came from a writer which I have accepted work from previously. I should have read it word for word prior to publishing.

I will not let that happen again.

I did not agree with the suggestions and recommendations of the article – though I did agree with the premise. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions. If they fail to uphold the word of the Constitution – write letters, make phone calls, send emails, use Facebook and other social media – and if they don’t do the right thing – vote them out of office.

I understand the frustration many of us are feeling with the lack of “progress” and “doing the right thing” in our Government. Regardless – we need to continue to use peaceful means by which to generate change. 

 – Rourke

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  1. If you are speaking of the Resistance post, I actually agreed with the majority of the sentiment. The time for passive resistance is drawing to a close. Our Founding Fathers threw tea in the ocean over a 3% tax. Why are we tolerating so much more?

    • Justin –

      Thanks for your thoughts. You may be right – but I hope that we have much more passive resistance to do. Maybe that term is not correct – but drawing closer to violence is not the answer – not yet.


  2. Rourke,

    Not being judgmental and the like. I didn’t see the article that you are referring to.

    Ask your self a question. Do you want to become a censor? It’s a slippery downward slope.

    My thought is that if you disagree with an article you definitely have the right and, perhaps, responsibility to respond in a comment.

    My take on things only…

    • anonymous –

      I have often posted things and allowed comments that I have disagreed with, BUT – I have the draw the line somewhere.

      Thanks – Rourke

  3. You made the right choice in removing it. I thought you had wrtten it at first to be honest. I was concerned as a LEO about what he said. Without getting into the article some of what he suggested was illegal.

  4. Understandable Rourke. I as much as any would love to follow D’s q’s but I wouldn’t want to fixture any of my politicians as the means of my own destruction. It was very well written though and I hope he contributes more.

  5. I don’t yet know if it is near time for the arms to come out or not. Look what happened to the poor law abiding souls in New York yesterday. Within a year or so once the draconian measures in New York have taken full effect those people will no longer have an acceptable way to resist government tyranny. Be very careful of incrementalism. Once we spend months or years fighting legislation there may be so little left we cannot effectively resist. When do we say “no more” and bring out the arms for real?

    • Walter –

      “When do we say “no more” and bring out the arms for real?”

      That is a good question. Personally – I think we are quite a ways away. Many disagree and I may be wrong.

      Take care – Rourke

  6. Rourke- I understand you pulling the article, but how far are you willing to go with the passive resistance? When they come kicking the door in, it is too late. . . .if there is a ban, will you turn in your weapons? Hiding them is useless- if they are hidden so the Feds can’t find them, how can you access them in time to use them? We are much closer to the boiling point than what you wish to believe, I am afraid. A lot depends on what our state/local govt. does.

  7. As much as I dislike (hate, abhor) the decisions some of our leaders are making, in my spiritual belief deadly force is only used in response to threat of deadly force. We cannot be innocents and aggressors at the same time.

    I am very afraid for this country if it continues on its present course. At some point those who peacefully prep will see an abuse of power so blatant and so deeply affecting the rights of free citizens that we will have to respond to defend ourselves from our own government. I pray if that day comes we are indeed responding to, not initiating, conflict. War sounds exciting to armchair ninjas, but those who have actually seen someone die know it’s not something to anticipate, but rather to avoid with all our might for as long as possible.

    BTW, you made an honorable decision. The blog is yours, what is posted on it affects your reputation. You have as much right to censor print as you would to protest if someone else was misquoting you in a conversation.

  8. Those questioning when and what to do regarding the current abuse of power shown by the Federal government are asking a question that has been debated and argued for centuries. I would beg that all read Augustine, Aquinas and Clauzewitz before making a decision. All of the above have excellent treatises on just war theory and put the concept in a usable manner. Knowledge is power.
    While I understand the need for action, one must consider the appropriate channels to express the methods and desire for that action. It is my understanding that this website is dedicated to helping readers survive a disaster of any kind, and the resulting chaos. It was not intended as a political soapbox, nor a how-to for an American insurgency. One may agree with something, but also remember Rourke’s stake in this. A post goes sideways and DHS or someone else learns of it and he has people showing up to his work or home to ask questions. Think it doesn’t happen? Sipsey Street Irregulars and III blogger Mike Vanderboegh was in the middle of a “terrorist” plot for his posts. YMMV

  9. I had no problem with the posting–I didn’t think it would be possible to carry out much of the stuff that requires personal contact–in recent years, we’ve have governors (Bill Richardson d) and a mayor (Martin Chavez d) who traveled in a cocoon of heavily-armed police wherever they went. If the gov wanted to eat lunch at a local restaurant, the restaurant was required to close to everyone but Richardson and retinue of jack-booted thugs. I do think a peaceful protest outside the home of elected officials might be useful–when said official knows that a large number of unhappy constitutents know where he or she lives, there has to occur SOMETHING of a wake-up call…

  10. So we trample free speech and only let us read what you feel is in our best interests? Why would anyone want to spend time writing an article for publish, just to have it censored or removed? I read Liberal and far left/right articles all the time. Although we may not agree with everyone’s viewpoints, I prefer being able to read others and comment on them. This is America !

    • methane –

      “So we trample free speech and only let us read what you feel is in our best interests?”

      Not trample – but YES, I decide what you will read on this site.


  11. How about you limit your liability while allowing the more radical voices to prevail by way of the following example:

    DISCLAIMER: The following sentiment is not endorsed by myself nor this website. It is merely the opinion of the poster herein named. It has been edited for liability purposes.

    I think we should l*ad up our w*apons and be ready for whatever cr*p is coming our way. Who the f*ck are these NW-O sc*mbags? Get ready for when the SHT-F!

    Would that work?

  12. Rick- In our state of Oregon two high ranking sheriffs in our two southern counties have come out publicly on TV stating they will NOT enforce fed laws reguarding banning so called assault rifles and large capacity magazines.

  13. A Publishers right to free speech is their right to censorship. It is our responsibility as an American to oppose Tyranny regardless of the source by following the Constitution, Laws & Government We The People over a collective period of time have put in place. The American Revolution that my ancestors fought in was ultimately resolved at the connference table, not on the battlefield. Quit whinning. Hundreds of thousands of people read this web site all the time. It is an advertising statistic that everyone of you out there know 10 people. Do the math. Go convince them yourself. Ask all your friends how many of you really implemented your Constitutional Obligation to convince all 10 who you knew to convince the 10 that they knew to vote the way you thought would be the best direction this Country shoud take? Be honest with yourself. Because if you had, things may have turned out differently. I uphold & support our constitutional right to bare arms. It is the right that protects us from facing the Tyranny of anyone on the otherside of a gun barrel. But please pause to remember no matter how convicted you are to your core beliefs, anyone trying to force control over others not supported by the checks & balances set in place by the Government, Constitution & Laws established by We The People is in reality the true Tyrant. I for one will never concede to passivity. It is so easy to pick up a firearm & posture. Recent events have proved that to be true. Attached to the right to bare arms comes the responsibility of We The People that have them to keep Laws, Government & Politics in place that protects us. Convincing others to see it your way is a whole lot tougher than forcing them too!

  14. Methane,
    I believe you are incorrectly applying the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech gives you the right to create your own website and publish what you believe…free from the threat of fines and prison time by the government. Freedom of speech does NOT guarantee that your work must be published. In fact, the 1st Amendment limits governmental censorship only, NOT private censorship.
    Nothing is wrong with desiring to see opposing or different viewpoints. Hence the multiple contributors on this site. However, one must realize at the end of the day that a website is the product of its creator. Should not the creator be the arbiter for his creation? How perverse would it be if Out or Penthouse magazines could force Ranger Rick magazine to carry their advertisements? I understand what is trying to be said, but I also understand how divisive and contentious such articles can be. I have participated in discussion about topics such as the article talked about and watched as men who were friends left the table bitter, angry and no longer on speaking terms with each other. I was told by a fairly wise man, “you can only fall on your sword once…so pick that battle carefully.” True words.

  15. John, will I get a prize if my non-post garners the most comments of the month? Quite a tempest in a teacup. Especialy considering most didn’t read it. I did mention that it was “out there”. I particularly liked the reference “project mayhem initiative”….The first rule of fight club……Regards, D.

  16. And finally we hear from the culprit of all this upheaval… D. And I’m glad we did. I thought JJ had the most relevant comments BUT…. yes we prepare for, and this site is pointedly geared to helping us survive all kinds of possibilities. But most are beyond any of our control, we can only prepare and react to them, we cannot prevent them or limit their effects, we can only adjust for our responses. But with Fegov we feel we have some control, some influence over the future…. perhaps foolishly we believe we might -with enough effort- if we speak out powerfully- influence and perhaps stop some coming disaster. It’s like a magnet, it pulls us in and concentrates our attentions. And who could deny it’s influence. We prep for hurricanes, and in doing so we can’t simply ignore Fedgovs response to them, it in itself effects our preps for such a disaster. But I completely agree, this is not the place for the development of an insurgency.

  17. John Gault…Huh? Insurgency? Did you actually have the chance to read the post? Most of these comments have turned into a disscussion of free speech and have nothing to do with the actual article, witch by my estimate was up for about two hours. I frankly do not understand how some of the comments relate. I wish the Riechstag fire article had stirred as much interest, as that was primarily to educate the miss-informed. Regards, D.

  18. To all,
    At the end of the day…this is small stuff. Infighting does no good and serves to divide over inane things. I admire the proactive posture of the article, too few people tend to simply posture and bluster online or in person without actually DOING anything. I know many people who complain or even hate their representatives, yet have never written them or worked on an opposing campaign. The point at which we cease to participate in this fraud of an election system is up to each individual…as is the point at which we are willing to pull the trigger. While we can argue about the effectiveness or the wisdom of a plan, at least someone came up with a plan. As Patton said “A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.” While some of the stuff suggested was douchy and illegal, others were good ideas. They are not gods. They are not our masters. We are on the same side here…let’s act like it.

  19. Well, I read it and I thought it was great. I wouldn’t spill hot coffee purposely on anyone but some of the suggestions were good. We can certainly shun them when they are in public and make it uncomfortable for them to be seen in their districts. However, since they have armed guards (because they know what they are doing is wrong and they fear reprisal) we probably wouldn’t be able to get close enough to them to have any effect that they’d notice. PS. It’s Rourke’s site and he can do whatever he wants – within the law.

  20. D, since you started with “Huh?”, I must of fallen short on being clear and concise…. please forgive me.

    “Did you actually have the chance to read the post?” I would have assumed that my 1st comment that I would enjoy doing many of what you were suggesting, and that I thought your post ” was very well written” was a fairly strong hint that YES, I in-fact did read it…..

    Much of the rest was in response to Jesse Jame’s (and others) well stated comments about being too “political” and that (in my own belief) Fedgov’s response or lack there of to almost any disaster plays at least a small part in our own preps. Finally my remark on -insurgency- was in agreement with Jesse James’s “nor a how-to for an American insurgency”.

  21. Insurgency: An insurgency is an armed rebellion against a constituted authority.

    Sorry, just one other point; D, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the point of your whole post about strategic planning of an armed rebellion? After all an insurgent doesn’t have to rely on flying lead and spilled blood. Isn’t steaming hot coffee and intent… a weapon? Isn’t purposely giving an authority figure scolded balls a form of rebellion……. me thinks so.

  22. J.G. thanks for the clarification…and my laugh of the week…laughed my ass off. absolutely: rebellious and out spoken as hell, always felt my big mouth got me out of more trouble than it got me into, but that could be a relative view point. I had some difficulty seperating who exactly you were responding to in your second post…its all clear now…I think. Regards, D.

  23. Absolutely no problem D. sometimes I can take understanding for granted, rumor has it that I’ve left a trail of bleeding scalps all across MSO….

  24. Jesse,
    a play on Pattons quote that I learned in RVN, “Do SOMETHING, it may be the wrong thing, but you can always modify it on the run. Doing nothing will only get you killed” Many have turned a mediocre plan into success with action and audacity. Barney Barnum, USMC (who I consider a drinking buddy) once did something incredibly stupid & brave, that saved many wounded and cut-off Marines and earned himself the MOH. Regards, D.

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