Must see video – WMD in the US?

Loyal reader J.M. sent me the following link to a story that I found fascinating – see it here.

This video shows San Diego Assistant Port Director Al Hallor admitting that during port inspections that weapons of mass destruction have been found. He states that nothing has been found in San Diego – however he does say that other locations have had discovery’s.

One of my biggest fears in the use of a nuclear weapon on US soil. I honestly am surprised that there has not been another successful terrorist attack with the United States. It’s not that I have a lack of faith in law enforcement – it is not that at all. I think it is a matter of mathematical odds. Certainly that there are numerous efforts being put forth by a variety of terrorist groups. I would imagine that eventually one of these terrorist groups would get succeed in their efforts. Hopefully not. 

Chemical, nuclear, biological – not good.


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  1. Rourke, you are absolutely right the mathematical odds that we we be able to catch all WMD’s is not good. As we get better at catching these things the terrorist’s are also getting better at hiding them too. Scares the crap out of me to think that they have found devices like this in other locations and we have never heard about them. That tends to worry me a bit.

  2. my biggest TEOTWAWKI nightmare is nerve agents…
    duct tape and plastic, with a wet towel stuck under the door, will not cut it. i believe the previous administration maybe meant well suggesting that, but without clean air at positive pressure, i don’t think it can save anyone. that is what drove me away from the “official” preparedness authorities to the survivalist “dark side”. late fifties, early sixties bomb shelter plans always included some type of ventilation. (the deluxe shelters had a hand cranked “blower” to get fresh air in, but they were mainly defending against “fallout”)

    i don’t even have enough stored food and water. my family will really think i’ve gone off the deep end if i start having gas mask drills.

  3. What scares me more then this unexpected honesty on camera by the Port official is the repeated and ongoing warnings from the FBI and FEMA. Additionally FEMA is taking preparation steps that far exceed anything done in the past. I believe some form of WMD attack on the West is inevitable and eminent. I think that is what our government believes as well. It’s not IF but when and where.

    • GoneWithTheWind –

      I agree – it is a matter of time. My fear is that it will be nationwide and nuclear in origin.

      Thanks – Rourke

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