Must see video…….Alex Jones versus Peirs Morgan

I am not sure how long these video’s will be up – as long as they are – watch them here. I can’t stand Morgan and enjoyed his berating. Problem is – no doubt most will look at Alex as the bad guy with his rantings – regardless that he makes some good points.

 – Rourke




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  1. I’m not a fan of Alex Jones at all, but I also strongly resent Piers Morgan, a Brit, coming to our country and telling us what our people need to do; seems like we’ve been down this road before. Go home, Piers Morgan! You are NOT welcome here. (And why AREN’T you in your OWN country, anyway…hmmmm….we know a bit about what’s going on there, don’t we?! Coward.

  2. I think that he would have gotten his point across if he had been better able to remain calm. Alex was already worked up into a lather after dealing with the TSA just trying to get to the show. However the fact remains that I am a fan of Alex Jones and I still thing Piers Morgan needs to leave our country.

  3. Oh Alex, Alex, Alex. Long time fan, but you came off as a raving psycho.
    You had a chance to state the case for the right to bear arms on the world stage and you blew it.

  4. Liberals don’t like it when you answer their question with another question, but that is what the liberals always do. They answer YOUR question with another question, but heaven forbid if you use their tactics against them. Alex Jones may be “out there” but sometimes he makes sense. I guess you either love Alex Jones or you hate him. @Brett, as to whether Alex Jones helped the cause or not, is anyone’s guess. But I think it was great that Piers was treated the same way he treats his guests.

  5. Exuberance in voicing the God given right to freedom is certainly more desirable than debating a fool as to whether or not we should not give our freedom away. Jones did what he had to do to control the situation. The same thing many of us will do when anyone tries to dismantle our Constitution, especially the part where the founders had the fore thought to include “shall not be infinged.”

  6. Wow. I hate to say that Alex Jones truly looked like an a**. Doesn’t help us at all when he looses it like that. He’s all over! Good points are that the US and Swiss, vs the other countries.
    If someone wants to kill another, there are other things people can and will use.

  7. Of course I agree with Alex. you can see the passion he has. But he could have dialed it back a bit. I imagine he would have pulled out an AR and showed everybody if he had one on hand.

  8. Both we’re extremists and if you think Alex Jones was acting like a 5 year old, you haven’t been paying attention. That’s his M.O. And Piers followed his M.O. too as the UK socialist. An totalitarian regime with cameras to watch your every move. I for one and proud of Alex Jones for being a passionate Patriot who actively fights for maintain our republic.

  9. I agree with the above comments. We have to avoid looking like raving lunatics if we want to make an effective point. Alex Jones isn’t helping us. What better way for the government to convince people that gun control is ok than to make outspoken advocates of the 2nd amendment look completely insane? 🙁

  10. Oh Alex 🙁 ~ I listen to Alex and on his own show he comes across intelligent and calm ~ but here I think he only comes across as loud and tyrannical ~ ‘talking over someone’ and raising ones voice and mimicking someone’ does not win a debate or get one’s point across, the only focus now is on the behavior. I don’t like Piers but his calmness and keeping to the point in question ~ (not yelling about all other issues that tho important are not the current topic of conversation) I hope a lot of people didn’t tune into this ~ this was a real opportunity to persuade and inform people about the importance of prescription drugs, sick people etc being the issue at hand and not gun banning ~ but tho I heard it yelled, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know about that it. 🙁

  11. It’s unfortunate that Alex acted like a mad man. He only played into the Lame Stream Media’s portrayal of gun owners and the extreme right. This video will be chopped into snippets and played for the sheeple masses who will believe what they see. After all everything on TV is real(?) WOW

  12. Alex is being Alex. Anyone who has watched him will know this. He’s passionate to be sure and his points are correct. On the other hand, Piers is a socialist snob, no surprise his show is on CNN. A match made in heaven for ratings to be sure.

  13. Time and venue prohibits reasonable debate. This is proof of how statistics get limited and massaged to confuse issues. Alex made a point that was completely dismissed, in each of the incidents named and exploited by the major media, the shooters WERE, IN FACT prescribed SSRIs. Let’s outlaw SSRI’s and see how many mass shootings (and suicides) we have after just 6 months.

  14. thanks Alex for stating the way that I feel. If you people think that big brother doesn’t want to take your guns away and all your other so called rights, watch the local news and see how many reports on gun violence and not car accidents that kill over 42 thousand every year..

  15. This whole thing was set up to evoke a planned response. Piers showed his hand when he commanded the meeting as an interview and then tried changing the format to a debate. I twas a clear ambushed by Piers to try to overwhelm Alex with questions that he wanted answered his way and when Jones answered with stats, it set off the powder keg. An interesting fact came from this show that wasn’t high-lighted and I hope the viewers go back and get it’s importance. Jones pointed out >>>Every high profile shooting has been by mental patients who were on mind altering psychotropic drugs.<<<. I'll probably get misquoted with this but here goes.
    " If an invading force were to attempt to overthrow the US or the UK, which country could depend on their citizens to help defend their homeland and themselves?" And another thing, Piers tried to compare the US with the UK. With this …game over, No comparison

  16. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear, says Stanislav Mishin in this article, Americans never give up your guns, at Pravda.

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