MSO participates in “expert roundup”……..

I recently participated in an “Expert Roundup” of sorts over at  Check it out HERE. As part of the roundup I answered the following question:

“What was the single most useful tool you’ve ever used while outdoors?”


The single most useful tool I have ever used was a knife.

To be more specific – it was a Gerber BMF (Basic Multi-Function). See attached picture.

Unfortunately I no longer own the knife but although it was a beast – it was extremely durable and versatile.

There are lots of jobs a small knife cannot do that a large knife can however there are not many jobs a small knife can that a large cannot.

Back in 1989 I was in the woods scouting for deer with my brother and nephew. We had to jump across a rather large creek. My brother made it, my nephew fell in.

I did not want to get wet so as I leaped in the air I pulled the Gerber BMF from its sheath and thrust the blade into the clay soil as I impacted the opposite side.

I hung there by the blade until I could get some traction. I remained dry.

Knives are wonderful tools.


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3 thoughts on “MSO participates in “expert roundup”……..”

  1. I like big knives, they sell the fastest of all the sizes. They do attract a bit of attention, which while I own them, I opt to use a Remington belt knife of my gramps. It’s in New leather and collectors be damned it’s a family tradition.i

  2. I always carry a Gerber Multi Tool on my belt or in the pack. 3 knives .
    On the belt survival kit {I use this set up when I am away from my main pack when hunting or doing tasks}I have a Mora knife.
    On my belt I have 2 knives both full tang and heavy bladed, A Becker BK-9 and surprise to many a Cold Steel Bushman, a fabulous knife that I have had for years and can do anything. The weight is of no effect to my carry.

  3. Trick question…

    The single most useful tool you’ve ever used while outdoors……was (and is) my brain! I always try and keep it sharp and rust free.

    Second most useful, while I do love the long blades and rotate through them quite often (Cold Steel LTC Kukri, Knives of Alaska Brown Bear Combo, Cold Steel Recon Scout, Cold Steel SRK, Knives of Alaska Bush Master Combo) then one that I ALWAYS have with me is my Victorinox Camper pocket knife.
    Two blades, bottle opener with screw driver, can opener with “Philips” screw driver,tweezers, awl, toothpick, corckscrew with mini screwdriver, and wood saw (probably the best mini wood saw I’ve ever used….can’t tell you how many snare triggers and traps I’ve made with the wood saw alone!!).


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