Movie: Goodbye World

Movie summary: When a mysterious terrorist attack causes chaos in the cities, a group of friends take refuge in their countryside cabin. But the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic world soon take their toll on relationships within the group.

Goodbye World was not a favorite of professional movie reviewers. In fact it received horrible reviews which is understandable considering the political affiliation of those in Hollywood. Regardless – I really enjoyed this movie.


A few thoughts –

  • The collapse of technology seems to effect mostly power stations. Computers still work but there is no Internet. Phones still work but there is no service which to make calls. Cars still work but there is no fuel. Radio and television communications is extremely limited.
  • The vast majority of the movie is related to the relationships between the characters who are held up at the self-sufficient cabin while civilization collapses around them.
  • The story references the planning the cabin-owner put into his home – gardening, generator, solar, animals, and medicine. Absolutely no firearms were part of his “survivalist” supplies which turns out to be a big problem.
  • Bartering was part of the story line.


Not worthy of an Academy Award Goodbye World is worthy of purchase. It can be streamed on Netflix or purchased off Amazon for around $15.00.

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  1. it was pretty good , but the thing I noticed was how in a lot of survival movies , there is always a person that’s “in the know”, as to what the gov’t is doing ,or how it fell apart or what have you , but overall it was good!!!

  2. Agreed Gypsysixx! I thought it was totally ridiculous…. here’s an example; the world is ending, and what we have is 3 women drinking wine in a hot tub discussing male pubic hair…? Childish, immature and boring. Come on Rourke, there’s got to be better stuff from Hollywierd than that! Love your site, BTW!

    • austex7124 –

      Often these movies do not show what we think the people would do – but rather what they actually would do. In a society that is so out of touch with reality and lives in a world where everything will always be ok – I think what you described is exactly what WOULD happen. People would continue to exist in normalcy for as long as possible in a state denial – especially in conditions such as in the movie.

      As others have mentioned those in the movie do stupid things that we either disagree with or find ridiculous given the circumstances. Well – I see the very same things daily in my neighborhood, work, etc. The fact that the conversation is childish, immature, and boring doesn’t change the fact that it would and will happen.

      I sure do hope that better stuff will come from Hollywood. Will they? I doubt it.

      Appreciate the comments – really.


  3. I really wish someone would buy the movie rights to Patriots by James Wesley Rawles and make it into a first class movie, but then again I wish we still had people in our Government who shared the beliefs of our founding fathers too.

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