Mountain House Taste Test…..Chili Mac with Beef


Have you ever tried freeze dried food? Over the years I have tried many different brands and flavors – some good, some bad. As I continue to add long term freeze dried foods to my system I have found it very useful to try smaller pouches before spending the money on larger #10 cans. Hey – why buy foods that you and your family don’t like and will not eat? 

I recently ordered several Mountain House varieties to try including Chili Mac with Beef which sounded good. I chose Mountain House as past experience showed they offered excellent quality and shelf life.

These Mountain House pouches are extremely easy to prepare requiring only water. Boil a couple cups of water, pour into the Mountain House pouch, seal back up and wait about 10 minutes – and done. The food can be eaten directly from the pouch or poured into a bowl or on a dish.

Excellent protein source….

I prepared the Chili Mac with Beef as mentioned and it was so simple. After stirring real well I poured some into a bowl for the taste test. The smell lured my youngest into the room and he immediately asked if he could have some. Knowing he likes chili and macaroni – but not beans I told him it had beans. He said he would try it anyways which he did. He liked it!!

Just add water……

Next I gave it a shot and was really satisfied with the taste. Honesty most every freeze dried food I have ever eaten I came away knowing it was freeze dried. Not this Chili Mac with Beef. It was excellent. Freeze dried foods are known for being on the salty side and I just didn’t notice that with this. Extremely flavorful – just delicious.


Now that I have tried Mountain House Freeze Dried Chili Mac and Beef I will be adding #10 cans to my overall food storage system.

Oh, by the way – there is REAL beef in this – not TVP.

Any favorite freeze dried foods out there?


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12 thoughts on “Mountain House Taste Test…..Chili Mac with Beef”

  1. Rourke,
    I always do the small pouch test. I have found all Mt. House freeze dried to be very good, easy to make and tastes good. A couple of tips: add a little more water, about an ounce, let sit for 5 more minutes after you stir after the first 10 minutes. Mt. House is by far the best you have to add nothing but water and you are done even with the #10 can only 1 pot needed. Wise food on the other hand requires many pots and if you need or want meat and/or veggies and/or sauce you have to add and they give you no directions on how much extra water to use. Therefore more pots and is not as good as Mt. House.

  2. My favorite Mountain House is the Beef Stroganoff. It is almost addictive, it tastes so good. It even smells delicious! I recommend it as the first pouch to try, after that, it is easy to get people to think about adding some freeze-dried meals to their preps. I also tried the Wise foods stroganoff, I ended up tossing it as it tasted like glue paste, smelled bad and looked bad.

    • Thanks Benny – will have to check out the Stroganoff. I have heard the same for WISE. I have tried a couple of there soups and they were good though.


  3. …Mountain house is indeed excelent.
    here in Canada, correct me if im wrong, are not able to recieve the whole Mountain House lline-up. Something to do with our bilingual laws?
    …i understand (MH) small food packets are good for 5 years.
    And the #10 for something like 20 yrs?
    …first…in my opinion the small packets are superior…in many situations…
    they are compact, light weight, easy to cache, and carry.
    5years is a long time…
    the #10’s indeed have their virtues due to longevity, and for feeding more people. just remember that once a #10 is opened… it needs to be eaten soon.
    i love the (MH) turkey tetrazini… but wasted the excess from my #10 as i could only stomach so much of it…after having it a few times…
    was wondering if using the excess via …maybe freezing/canning/mylar-oxygen absorbers/foodd safe buckets-gama lid systym …might help deal with any unused food…although in a true survival situation… if eating tetrazini everyday is what you have to do…

    everything tastes better with hot sauce…

    does anyone make a hot sauce that will last for a few decades?

  4. …was thinking…maybe (MH) could put the smaller food packets INSIDE the bigger #10’s… it would be worth paying the extra packaging…?
    they could also …maybe have a few different kinds inside one #10.. to add variety?

    • Brearbear –

      Not a bad idea but I think that is why they are putting the pouches inside the buckets. Not just to package a product in a different way but to protect the pouches.

      You can check out the bucket I am talking about HERE.

      Thanks – Rourke

  5. We also sampled the pouches first. Our favorites are the Scrambled Eggs with Bacon as well as the Chicken and Noodles. Bought 10# cans of each. The desserts are quite good as well!

  6. Brearbear, I don’t believe most hot sauces will go bad, I’ve used them after they had quite a bit of age on thom and while there may have been a bit of an off taste they were still good. Think about it, they are made of vinegar, pepper water and salt. And yes I’ve used the ones that had turned brown and they were still good too!


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