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Warm up those keyboards folks! The ModernSurvivalOnline Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest is running through December 31st. Have a guest post you want to enter? Send in to emergencycd(at)

Some great prizes are lined up!!!


– – 1st Place – –

OnPoint Tactical has donated one of their Urban Escape & Evasion classes. Value: $795

Class Summary: While on an international business trip, you are kidnapped and held for ransom. Or, a terrorist attack closes the business district of your city and you find yourself in a dangerous, chaotic fix. How do you stay alive? How do you get to safety on your own?

This class provides leading-edge skills to civilians who live or work in challenging urban environments or who may find themselves in a destabilizing urban area during a crisis. Topics covered include covert movement (day vs. night), the judicious use of caches, understanding urban baseline movement and urban awareness training, the use of disguises and false papers/identification, lock picking, escaping from unlawful custody, obtaining and driving local transportation, the use of “specialized” urban gear, and instruction on how to develop urban escape and evasion go-bags. A one day urban escape scenario is held the final day of class.


…….plus has provided a Royal Berkey System Value: $283.00

The Royal Berkey is a powerful system that purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best.  Perfect for outdoor activities and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.


…….plus has offered up two cases of MRE’s  Value: $200

Factory Fresh – 24 MRE meals from Sopakeco!!



The entire NEW WORLD Series by G. Michael Hopf from Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $50.00

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……along with is donating another multi-book package consisting of 5 books of your choice from their preparedness library. Value: $75+




– – 2nd Place – –  

Choate, Machine and Tool Company has donated a $200 Gift Certificate.




Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill from  Value: $219.95



The entire Going Home book series from Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $50.00

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 3rd Place

pandemic_kit_640x494__37052.1407440776.1280.1280 has donated one Deluxe Pandemic Kit and Pandemic Preparedness DVD, plus a copy of The Survival Medicine Handbook

Value $120.00


Old West Lawman’s Forgotten Memoir courtesy of  Available in Kindle, PDF, and Printed formats. Value: $20+


 Author Archer Garrett is providing your choice of 5 books from his series – The Western Front, Kratocracy Part 1The Nine of the North, and many more. For selection visit his Amazon page HERE Value: $50.00+


Mike the Gardner has provided a 1 Year Membership to the Seeds of the Month Club.


…..along with

The latest books from James Wesley, Rawles courtesy of Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $30.00

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Here are the submission details.

email submissions to emergencycd(at)gmail dot com

If you have some skill-set, some particular knowledge that could prove beneficial to other readers in a homestead or survival situation – I would love to here from you.


  • You can write about pretty much any topic you would like – as long as it can benefit ModernSurvivalOnline readers in some way.
  • Prizes will be shipped within the Continental United States only.
  • Submissions should be at least 750 words in length (unless descriptive and instructional pictures are included).
  • I must state the obvious: All submissions must be your original work and not published on any other site.
  • Once a submission is published on ModernSurvivalOnline – it becomes the copyrighted property of
  • Submissions may be edited for spelling and grammar.
  • Long submissions may be divided up into multiple parts per Editors discretion.
  • No profanity or racism.
  • Rourke, as the owner of ModernSurvivalOnline, reserves the right to approve or deny any submitted material for any reason.


  • Submissions can be written in the following formats: MS-Word, Notepad, Wordpad, TXT, and RTF formats.
  • Photo’s can be included in the submitted article – but PLEASE send separately attached to an email as well.
  • Multiple submissions accepted.
  • Submissions should be emailed to emergencycd(at) – please place GUEST POST in the subject line.

Once an article is submitted and approved I will email you to let you know when it is scheduled to go live. Also – if you have another blog or site I will gladly provide a link at the end of your guest post to that site.


***********Any submissions not able to be scheduled during any one contest will be held over for the next one.

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