Memorial Day…..

Thank you to all that have served and sacrificed for me, my family, and my country.



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  1. WOW! Thank you for that Mr.Rourke…it’s a shame the one presently in office can’t (and wouldn’t if he could) talk like that!

  2. I believe the best way to honor those who have served and lived, those who have served and died, and those who live lives of anguish in whatever form is to live in the most moral, ethical, and righteous way we able, to the best that we are able. Help if you can in some way. If you cannot help, offer a prayer. But stand not in their way or deliberately make their lives difficult. Were it not for the sacrifices they have all made, since the French and Indian Wars up until this very minute, where they serve in places we know nothing about because we do not need to know, they are owed an inestimable debt. I believe that by living as honestly and caringly as we can, as our brothers keepers, we can best make a down payment on the lives they have made possible for us with all of our freedoms. I think it was Burke who said that “Peaceable men sleep soundly in their beds because rough men stand ready in the night.” It is to those rough men and women we owe our present-day honor, respect, and glory, and to those who will answer duty’s call in the future.


  3. This really isn’t the place for it, but I must ask: Why can I not save your articles? Do you have an auto-block or is my machine/programs set up incorrectly?

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