Medical Week: Video’s and Fish Antibiotics…..

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In a SHTF environment where modern medical facilities are unavailable the simplest of cuts could become infected and result in serious illness or even death. Fish antibiotics are one option those of us who prepare put back “just in case”.

Below are a few videos on the topic of antibiotics……


Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage


Are fish antibiotics safe for humans?


Fish antibiotics in a collapse


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2 thoughts on “Medical Week: Video’s and Fish Antibiotics…..”

  1. I may have said it before, but I’ve never had a physician deny a logical request for meds including painkillers. Of course I’ve never made an unusual request without having first becoming friends with the doctor and never within the first year of casual association. I always preface a request for something unusual by stating that it is not for an immediate need, hence I shall not be submitting a claim to health insurance. Take your physician shooting or camping. Those busy folks have a life as well. Once they know you as person, it is much easier for them support any ‘special’ needs or requests. There may be a time and place for animal meds and they may be identical to human meds, but before that time, I urge each to first stockpile drugs intended for human use.

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