Medical Week: Suturing Video’s

Get out the needle and thread folks ’cause its time to stitch up some open wounds.  Oh, and if you get a bit queasy from the sight of blood and cuts and the inside of the human body – go read another article.

It may sound amazing but it is true that I have never had stitches. I have had some cuts that needed them but I used butterfly bandages and they eventually healed up. Obviously some wounds certainly need the proper care – sutures.






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  1. I’ve been struggling with that topic… If you go to anyone in medicine (nurses/docs etc) to have a discussion.. they patently say what amounts to “If you are not of exalted class of medicals. Thou shalt never attempt this”. I exaggerate obviously .. but many were not far off .. protecting their investment maybe. Fine .. but it seems education is the better part of the discussion to me. I’ve had the ability to sit in on a couple of injuries over the past couple years .. One very serious.. One not so much. I’ve had stitch-able injuries as you said John, and left them open to treat and heal. It turns out that is often the best advice .. In a non-sterile environment .. treat the wound open to eliminate infection before you stitch anything or you stitch in the infection and get Gangrene, or amputations or worse..
    The notable exception is whether the stitching is need to prevent catastrophic blood loss, because you can’t heal from being dead. Alive you have options.
    There is stitching and there is stitching though. If it is more serious than skin lacerations, you need to know much more to get the pieces Under the skin to heal and work right again if possible… more can be said .. but that is where I focus my training at the moment.. Unlike guns .. practice is hard to come by on this one though. My best information has come from military medical folks from the field and (Fire – EMT’s).. Looking for a Trauma Doc.. haven’t found one yet that is willing.. Pesky rules get in the way of ride a longs.. but beer and friendship go a long way .. AND you get to learn stuff .. as you said has some good stuff to read .. My rule has been to learn basic kills .. and figure out how to buy even simple medical supplies like IV supplies .. Quckclot.. and airway tools . (they like that stuff a lot ).. Wandering .. I’m done

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