May/June Guest Post Contest Winners………….

The following are the results of the May/June ModernSurvivalOnline Guest Post Writing Contest:


First Place: Guest Post: G R I T S Guide to Prepping

Prize: A fantastic Deadwood Stove from Deadwood Stove Company. Plus a WISE Foods 56 Serving Breakfast and Entrée Grab and Go Food Kit from To finish out the Grand Prize Pack is a Joe Nobody Book Library from Prepper Press. Total value around $300.


Second Place: Guest Post: Goats for the Long Haul

Prize: An awesome Emergency Seed Bank from Total value for this prize is $140.00.


Third Place: Guest Post: Forgotten Survival Tools #1 – The Marlinspike / Guest Post: Forgotten Survival Tools #2 – Ranger Beads

 Prize:  Ready Made Resources is providing a case of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. Total value for this prize is $140.00.



Fourth Place: Guest Post: Ways We Are Creating Money in our Budget for Prepping

Prize: Fourth place earns a 2 man Survival Kit from Total value of this prize is $80.00.


Fifth Place:  Guest Post: Post-Crisis Analysis

Prize: is providing a $50 Gift Certificate


To the winners: I wrote and posted this while on vacation and will be contacting you when I return. If you read this prior to hearing from me please go ahead and send me your shipping information. I will forward it on to the corresponding sponsor.



Thank you to all that participated and feel free to share your knowledge, opinions, and skills again in the near future.


A special “thanks” goes to the participating sponsors which provided the prizes:


Deadwood Stove Company

Prepper Press

Ready Made Resources

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you Rourke for providing this venue to share our experience & knowledge. Thanks to all the vendors that participated.

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