Max Velocity: A new book…and an interview

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises – a new book written by popular author Max Velocity. I am really looking forward to adding this new book of fiction to my Kindle and reading it.


Here is the book synopsis courtesy of Amazon-

The United States has descended into Civil War. The storm was rising for some time, a Resistance in the hearts of American Patriots to the strangulation of liberty by creeping authoritarianism. The scene was set. It just took a little push. A terrorist attack on the United States leads to war with Iran, followed by collapse, as the economy goes over the cliff. The final blow is a widespread opportunistic Chinese cyber attack, taking down the North American Power Grid. From the ashes, the Regime emerges. Liberty is dead. What remains of the United States of America is polarized. The Resistance Rises. Jack Berenger is a former Army Ranger Captain, living in northern Virginia with his family. Following the collapse, they fall foul of Regime violence and evacuate to the farm of an old Army friend. Jack is recruited into the resistance, to train the fledgling forces in the Shenandoah Valley. The fight begins. Resist.

Book cover snip


In combination with this book announcement – Max agreed to answer a few timely questions of mine.

I hope you enjoy.


1. Gun Control. It is very much on the minds of preppers and gun enthusiasts alike all over this country.  People are feeling a sense of panic over pending legislation as well as Executive Orders. What is your take on what the future holds for the 2nd Amendment?


MV: I genuinely think that we are at a vital point in the history of this country. Either the ‘gun grabbers’ will be pushed back, or they will keep pushing and we may face a crisis. The second amendment cannot be infringed. The Administration appears determined to infringe it. I do think that the ‘liberal-progressives’ having been successful in their agenda over the last forty years, and their success in controlling areas such as education and the main stream media, may perhaps have overreached themselves in their arrogance. They may (I hope) have underestimated the spirit and determination of the American people. By which I mean those American people who have not sold themselves out to entitlements, and still understand what values and the Constitution stand for.


If we let the 2nd Amendment go, we open the door for all the other protections codified in the Bill of Rights to also go away. They have already been massively eroded by things such as the Patriot Act, the NDAA and Executive Orders. It is about people control, not gun control. The American people must not give up their freedom; they must not go meekly into the sunset.


2. Any suggestions on dealing with the ammunition and magazine shortages currently going on?


MV: Unfortunately you will have to make do with what you have got for now. Ammunition is still out there, and I think that there will be a resurgence of supply once the manufacturers recover from the massive run we had in December. If you were not prepared before, without anything, you will have to purchase what you can, but you may pay over the odds. That may be the only choice if you wish to prepare defend your family.


3. What is your opinion on the subject of “minimum amounts” of ammunition for your firearms as well as magazines for your pistols and long guns?


MV: that question can be divided into what you carry on you and what you have for resupply. The resupply question is difficult to answer and depends on the situation you find yourself in. If we face a total collapse or civil war, then there is no resupply apart from what you may take off your enemy, so you can never have enough.


In terms of ’first line scales’, if we assume you are carrying an AR-style rifle platform with thirty round magazines, you should carry at minimum eight magazines on your person, which is 240 rounds. You should have additional ammunition in magazines or stripper clips to reload those magazines once, so another 240 rounds. That could be in your daypack/vehicle in a grab bag.


For handguns, that is a backup weapon so I would only carry three magazines on my person. You just need that and whatever else you are going to use for target practice and resupply. In a ‘tactical’ situation your long rifle is your battle weapon, and your focus will be to reload and get your rifle back into action as soon as possible.


In a firefight for real, you will fire less ammunition that you do in training, when you are likely pumping rounds through targets going through the drills. It’s just the way it goes. Train to utilize accurate fire to kill/suppress the enemy, rather than volume of fire for ‘fire superiority’. Such use of inaccurate volumes of fire is ineffective and will leave the enemy unimpressed and you out of ammo.


4. Many preppers out there are finding themselves short on firearms, magazines and ammunition. In fact, many felt they would have time to buy that AR or AK and now – due to shortages and rising costs – have had their choices severely limited. Do you have any thoughts on alternative firearms for those people?


MV: I was recently at the ‘Nations Gun Show’. It was chaos! However, if you find that the desirable tactical rifles are either sold out or you are being price gouged by the vendor, then I suggest that you go and look for an alternate solution. There were plenty at the gun show. Go and buy an older ‘wooden’ rifle, maybe a Mosin Nagant or a Lee Enfield, something with a 5-10 round magazine capacity (they often reload with stripper clips rather than spare magazines. You can even mount an optic, something that most of the original users did not have. With such a rifle, you will not be tempted to put down a massive weight of fire. You will have to concentrate on accurate shot placement from a covered position. It may actually be a good thing for your skills and training. You would be in a disadvantage at close ranges to someone who can pump out rounds from a thirty round magazine, but at decent ranges you can be very effective, particularly if your adversary with an AR-15/AK is not skilled and is relying on ‘weight of fire’ rather than accurate fire.


5. When looking at this country – the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead: What are your main concerns for the future?


MV: I am very concerned about the potential for an economic collapse, maybe sooner than we think. Of course that could never happen to America right? Normalcy bias! Other than that, I see the ongoing and increasing erosion of freedoms and the Constitution. I am very concerned. I wrote my new novel Patriot Dawn to help get the word out and also to use it as a ‘vehicle’ to describe tactics.


6. Your recent book publishing success includes a new book – “Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises”. What gave you the idea to branch out and go fiction? [At least we hope its fiction – Rourke] 


MV: It is fiction, but it is also based very closely on potential reality and a ‘version’ of how things may well unfold. Having written two tactical manuals it was brought to my attention that fiction is a good way to bring training and concepts to life for people. Having written ‘Contact!’ and “Rapid Fire!’ which are both tactical manuals, I wanted to bring the whole thing to life for people. Also, I may reach readers who would not have considered reading a manual such as ‘Contact!’


 7. Do you have any new projects or upcoming plans you would like to tell my readers about?


‘Contact!’ recently underwent a makeover with the addition of some material from my blog, such as countering aerial thermal surveillance. I also concentrated on readability by breaking up a lot of the text in some of the longer paragraphs etc. Now that Patriot Dawn is published, I am going to go back to ‘Rapid Fire!’ and do the same makeover and edit that I did with ‘Contact!’ After that, once I have recovered from writing Patriot Dawn, which I found emotionally draining; I hope to write the next one in the series. That is, if we have time to do that before the collapse!


Thank you Max.

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  1. Fantastic interview Rourke, very impressive answers by Max. I will get his book -post haste- Max has a new and enthusiastic fan!

  2. Hits the nail on the head. This is a good reason to be able to reload ammo. Has anyone read up on Agenda 21 from the UN and if so does this like the samething?


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