Make a commitment for one month……

This replaces my “Assignment of the Week” regular post.

Alright – here is the deal:

First – pick a level of commitment you can afford. Anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00.

Second – every time you to go into a store – any store – spend a few extra bucks in addition to what you are already buying on something that you can store away as a survival/preparedness supply. Examples of these are rice, water, a candle, fish hooks, band-aides, dried beans, a can of soup, etc.

Lastly – at the end of October or beginning of November send me a picture and list of what you collected to emergencycd (at) and tell me what your commitment level was. I may just have a prize or two to give away – and I will publish all submissions to show what you have accomplished.

Have fun and don’t forget to send me an email and let me know how you do –






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  1. I am going to try the $5.00 level and see how it works out. It is a great idea and will surely add to my prep’s quite a bit. Sometimes it just takes retraining our brains to get things done.

  2. I am already committed to putting away 1 to 5 HUNDRED dollars in stuff a month. This month it’s going to be a 9mm carbine and possibly a Remington 30-06, some ammo, four two way radios two bottles of antibiotics and maybe a little food to add to my 2 year supply for 1 person (in reality 3months for my extended family of 10) . That’s the plan if I don’t spend too much on vacation. I will send you a pic when I finalize my shopping for September/October.

  3. I did just that in september and it is a great idea! I was totally commited and pushed way beyond the comfort zone of spending.It is amazing what and how much i have added to the preparedness stock! Will do same in october and send you list:)

  4. i’m in at the $3 level after 1st – don’t think chili cookoff leftovers count 🙂 will definitely send list and pics 😉

  5. Just sent in my shopping list.

    I spent too much on Vacation and ended up needing new tires on my truck this month so the two guns that I have under agreement with a friend will have to wait till November. And I never made it up to the gun store that had a great sale on .223 and 9mm, too bad, but with 5k plus stored away I have enough rounds to last till next month. I did get one weapon this month, a sling shot and some steel shot, I know its not as fun to shoot as the 9mm carbine but it fills a need for silent hunting capabilities. Cost $25

    However I did follow through with my purchase of some com gear. I bought two Midway base stations. These are small AM/FM/Weather radios with a flash light and hand crank dynamo for emergency situations, that also include a FRS radio in them. They came complete with rechargable batts, AC/DC cords, and the mic and were a great deal from Amazon. I also got a two pack of hand held GRMS/FRS radios that are interoperable with the base stations and the three FRS radios that I had. Cost about $175

    What I am really excited about is that I also was able to pic up 100 x 500mg tablets in Amoxicillan and the same in Ciprofloxin for my “fish,” as well as a number of doses of human grade anti-biotics overseas where you don’t need a script. I really had been pretty light on antibiotics with only a dose or two of cipro in storage so I was really happy I was able to get as much as I did. As per the suggestions of a number of medical type people I picked up Ampicilian, Erithromycin, Azithromycin, Metronidazole. Which according to a Canadian doc I know will deal with just about any bug. I figure that gives me about twenty doses of antibiotics now (not all the same drugs of course) so my fish are guaranteed to be healthy no matter the bug even if I can’t get these things from the local pet shop for any reason. I am reading up on dosing protocols but my sister-in-law is a “fish” doc and if it hits the fan she will know what to do with the cache I have gathered–so the “fish” will all be healthy come the end of the world. Cost about $100. As with food this will need to be rotated, I figure I will think about replenishing in 2yrs and tossing what I just bought in 5-7 depending on supply levels.

    Add to this about $100 in food preps: 10 cans of spam, 24 cans of bacon, 10 cans of chilli.

    Total cost of the months preps probably just north of $400 depending on the exchange rates I paided for some of the stuff.

  6. Good score on keeping your fish healthy, Padre 🙂

    Apropos of nothing, an acquaintance who retired from a big pharma company once told me that the main difference between ‘human grade’ and ‘vet grade’ drugs was that the tabs were malformed or badly-printed – just sayin’….

    A suggestion for dumping the old meds in the future – burn ’em in a hot fire so they don’t end up in the water .

  7. My husband turned me on to your site, and we have had many discussions about prepping, survival gear, knowledge, and lack of knowledge. Our ideas on priority differ coming from a male perspective and from a female perspective. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and if gender plays a part in directing what their purchase (I’m in for the $5 challenge!).

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