Magpul PMAG’s for $10.79 each……….


Browsing around some websites I commonly go to  I came across that Brownell’s is having a great sale on Magpul PMAG’s for the AR/M16 line of firearms. At $10.79 each this is deal that shouldn’t be passed up.

At these prices it would be a good idea to put back a few……

For more information click HERE.


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  1. Ammo is getting more available in our local stores in upstate NY -still pricey but better than it was.
    Prayers to all who are dealing with ice .We have some snow and ice and its very windy and cold .Arlene

  2. Awesome deal on the mags if you have an address in PA. Orange County NY has some ice and a few inches of snow. Not worthy of closing schools. Ammo is starting to show up on the shelves of the local Walmart s.Merry Christmas to everyone.

    • Thanks Gypsysixx. I live in South Carolina – hoping we get some snow this year. We actually had a few flurries just before Thanksgiving for about 15 minutes. Ultra rare down here.


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