Magpul AR magazines

You can have the best battle rifle but it is little more than an expensive ill-designed club without ammunition and a magazine to feed it. I have had my AR for well over a year now and have tried several magazines from different manufactures.

I have been impressed overall with all as I have had no reliability problems with any of them. So far – my favorite magazine is the Magpul PMAG.

Why is the Magpul my favorite? Everything about this magazine exudes quality. Fit and finish are excellent. Colors are consistent.

Individual components of the magazine are well made and and absent of machine marks or excess molding polymer which could create problems.

Magpul magazines are known for their outstanding durability and reliability – see HERE.

A few of my Magpul AR magazines

Magpul magazines come in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Anti-tilt follower

A big improvement over the original aluminum GI-type mag is the non-tilt follower. This is a key reason for the reliability of this magazine.

Magazine removable baseplate

Magpul PMAG’s are very easy to disassemble. That “button” in the center of the floorplate just needs to be depressed (using a 5.56mm bullet works great). Floorplate just slides off – see photo below.

Baseplate slides off for disassembly & cleaning Disassembled, cleaned, and ready to be put back together
Available option: window

One available option to the regular Magpul magazine  is the PMAG MagLevel – which gives an indication as to how many rounds are left in the magazine.

Included dust cover for protecting feed lips and keeping “dust” out of magazine

I have fired hundreds of rounds through my PMAGs without a hic-cup of any kind.

If you have an AR or plan to get one – I highly recommend PMAG’s. They are a great value running somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.00 each.

Imagine the value of these should high capacity magainze end up being banned.


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4 thoughts on “Magpul AR magazines”

  1. These guys make some quality stuff. Good to see that you are supporting them. I like their mags because they have fewer problems than the others. Their quality is always superior.

  2. I’ve been buying those for several years now and won’t buy anything else. I have also replaced all my .308 metal mags with Magpul .308’s. They work great of course and help to lighten the load somewhat.



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