Looking to join a survival group?

If you are serious about preparedness and looking for a group of like-minded folks…..check out the info below. Location is north Idaho.

– – – Rourke


Maybe like you, we have found that most folks truly do not plan ahead. Then the few that even try in the event of a future crisis often can not afford to. Even fewer can own a secondary out-of-the-way location with supportive infrastructures set up for a month or a year or more. Their current home/location also will simply not function when or if the grid shuts down, utilities shut off and their area falls apart. Some post ads to talk about things with hopeful others… talk is cheap as the saying goes… They have possibly even tried to recruit others to share in a land buy with plans to share the costs to develop it… but to no avail. Both those ideas also take years to develop, if you ever can. Do you know of any?

A few of us in and about north Idaho have gone to great lengths and expense over all those years to make this sixty acre semi remote Ranch very well equipped and secured as a group Retreat location. We offer a few remaining qualified couples or singles of like mind and spirit to join with us.
       { Now to us…like mind and spirit means a lot of tangible results not good intentions.}

We are not (survivalists) looking “forward” to hard times. More like realists, good honest folks who are serious, dedicated, well prepared and yet still enjoy going about our normal current lives.  One should also accept that no one location is perfect and certainly no group of people is perfect. Regardless, we are striving together not to become victims by increasing our collective ability to survive almost any disaster. In the mean time our group  enjoys their life normally all in their own homes scattered about the pacific northwest  region. Not living with us here on our Ranch!

We all must get to know ahead of time those others we might need to labor with here…Thus we would require only folks in the northwest region (or who are relocating here) which are then able to get here safely within a short days drive. If you can not get here in a crisis then what is the point? That short days drive is a reasonable amount of time and distance in the event of most emergencies Once you actually relocate this way we will consider you seriously… Many have promised to relocate, so few have actually done it.  Be honest with yourself on that point.

Remember… none of us will know the hour/day of the potential need to fall back to a much safer preplanned location. Disasters whether economic or natural or man-made do not just occur at 11:00 am on a warm and sunny day….or with warning? It might happen in the rain and cold or the middle of the night or dead of winter…. So are you ready?

If our following offer is not for you or you have other plans we do not intend on what we are doing to be a comparison issue or a put down to your ideas. Good luck to all of you working hard at planning ahead.

Now about us {our common belief} is that none of us operating alone during any extended grid down, dangerous and tense period of time can safely sleep, prepare food, eat, bathe, perfect more basic skills, grow food, raise animals, cut/split firewood, take care of the chores, raise our children, relax and very importantly watch the perimeters… all at the same time. All those (in our group) led by the example of having gotten “it done” and are “well prepped” as per our common list (no lip service here). Neither our group or myself will provide any supplies for you, (why would someone even expect that) …we only offer the numbers of like-minded, like equipped folks and a safer place. We also have group related upgrades and occasional Retreat projects here which all member are expected to equally contribute to. Why? Because we will all be depending on them later… We strive to team up with additional folks (healthy, self driven,  in good physical shape, vigorous and non smokers) along with qualified mental attitudes and willing hands. You will also find everyone in this group are dedicated preppers in mind and action. Our group prepares to join and work together here (only during the duration of a crisis event) to stay safer until things have settled back down again. After a crisis event if we all determine it is again safe to leave the Ranch/Retreat, then you will be encouraged to restart your own life again. Maybe back home or just down the road in an empty home? Who knows?

This Ranch/Retreat is able to operate on or off the power grid and we have amply pure water and high quality shelter. Our operation can also reproduce some seasonal food stores and raise food animals. That ability will grow over time as safety allows and as needs demand. Wisely though we do not count on or factor those possible re-supply methods into our earlier time period here during a crisis event. Thus we do not take sides on skills verse supplies. We simply elect to seek both…..  We sustain ourselves on the stored supplies while we hone our skills and reap the fruits of our labor.

Everyone coming on board must be very dedicated, focused, self driven, be able to give their word and keep their word, trainable concerning this location, contribute their time, be able to happily work together, have a great sense of humor, be respectful, operate within the clearly stated normal rules/guidelines, hike and learn the hills, prepare meals, garden, clean up, equally maintain their watches (cold or hot), handle their firearms to our levels or better (training available) or fill in for another partner’s position. This is an organized collective team/family effort to survive during what could be deadly time… which again we  hope never occurs.

The group… initially qualifies folks who respond to this posting by what they have “already acquired and accomplished ” not by their “wishful intent or talk of future preparations”. In the very least you must be living close enough with at least one years worth of all the supplies you will need to even be seriously considered. From the initial one year, we then require you to expand that to at least three years of the well rounded list being filled. Your willingness and financial ability to “get it done” in short order from that point is what you will need here.. In truth actually anywhere. Please do not expect us to take you seriously or work with you until you have first relocated to this area and established your income flow (if needed) from this region. Only in first accomplishing that can you become an asset to yourself, then to us and we then can be an asset to you.

If we are contacted by you, we proceed through a procession of emails… to phone calls… to personal visits as to if you will be either accepted … or not by us. Likewise, of course you must like what you find here. If mutually accepted (in spirit) you then begin the process to full on board membership. You will be required to fill 100% of our “Group List” to qualify as per material needs while you and the rest of our team gets to know each other. {Please do not contact us to just get the list} That is only available if you reside close enough and after both parties have learned more about each other…the part of the list you already know about is   “one year of supplies”.

Of course you are encouraged to acquire more than our listed items but at least you are providing for your basic needs within our group. {Again your reasonable service…No entitlement mentality here} For the good of the whole group we feel everyone must first be an equally outfitted asset and that is up to you to make that happen. A crash event will bring plenty of liabilities of it’s own….

This relationship can be terminated at anytime during this process if either party finds it not wise to continue. No hard feelings 😉 You will be held 100% accountable for everything we post here so you best read and read it all. Many have tried to circumnavigate these rules… they are no longer being considered. Once the list is 100% filled to the full three years and pre-positioned here and you have earned the confidence and respect of our entire group you will be allowed to come fully on board. All your supplies remain your personal property and no one touches them but you. 

At that point of completion only…you will have qualified and earned the position to be an active part of the decision-making process here. This also means at that completion point, you now have secured your room and position on this Ranch/Retreat site in the case of a terrible crisis event. Let me make this clear…you will not be allowed on to this Ranch/Retreat during any said crisis until all the above has been accomplished. We must be able to count on you being here fully prepared just as much as you count on us… Otherwise just what is the point in all this work?

Of course your personal skills and training (just as ours) will be very important and valuable to us all. No real survival skills…no worries as we will always need members willing to learn or help. However survival skills will not be allowed to substitute for our lack or your lack of dedication and preparedness as per the list of supplies being stored here. Your skills might not be able to be applied right off but you will still want to eat…right?

Any applicants or related family must be of the same confirmed mind-set to take necessary actions now and have it place for later. That includes vetting, supplies, outlook, attitude, team work parties, visits and vetting. No free rides and no entitlement mental disorders here either….

Our group is composed of highly devoted and very well prepared couples and singles. But just like in all organizations people come and go for many good reasons so our head count fluctuates over time. For us it is imperative that both halves of your couple are on the very same page in “mind set and willingness to work hard”. This is for security reasons along with the common good and the well-being of yourselves and this group. You both must have fully addressed pre-positioning here and settled the possible emotional issues of grown children or family or friends not fully on board or not of like mind… being left behind. We are not accepting any more families with children under ten as we have filled that quota now. No exceptions.

If a couple or single is accepted by our group we  have safe indoor storage for your required supplies and indoor living quarters for you. You must furnish your allotted private sleeping room (bed etc) and must contribute to “some minimal costs” that went into your assigned location. This includes you to financially contribute your equal share to common needs like firewood, fuel, etc to live and stay warm. Also, no one owns a part of our Ranch/Retreat. No one builds here or stays here other than a working visit or test runs or during an agreed upon level of an extended crisis or disaster. Please re-read that 😉

In addition we’ve teamed up with a few of our other secluded neighbors out here in various ways doing much of the same thing… watching each others backs.

Your current level of preparations and how you conduct yourself… (to us) speaks more clearly of your true level of belief and commitment. Many say they want to survive and start out prepping but few (even years later) really don’t get very far. Being in a group also leads to certain resource sharing, splitting costs, encouragement, peace of mind and support. In addition if you wish to join up with us we fully expect you to complete the balance of your needed preparations very quickly. As in months not years…. do you really think you have years before the reason you prep shows up?  Also we limit pets here so when you contact us we could be full on that issue.                                                    {Please re-read that last part}.

Consider this, life under crisis conditions will not be like it is today. It will much more tough and dirty as a wise person realizes it would be during a real extended crisis event. After realizing this truth most folks just give up, roll over and go back to sleep… hoping nothing will ever happen to them. Simple observations and facts and no worries from us. “Normalcy Bias” is their undoing.

Also we find some folks have been overly focused on Scriptural events like the “Tribulation” or areas they see in the Bible which they try then to apply towards others or me… again not here. Although we and the majority here are of some branch of the Christian faith, we do not require you to go to our Church or be of a specific named branch of faith.. I will insist you keep your faith personal and focus it… on improving yourself. We are just honest hard-working folks who simply prep for any and all possible events which we have seen happen down through thousands of years of history.

As you should expect none of us wish to or intend to help overthrow our government or challenge our local authority. (We always vote). We also (wisely observed governments past actions) and just don’t believe they are truly equipped to handle the masses in a large crisis… let alone their own families. We don’t accept others who dislike people outside their own race or specific faith {who knows who we will team up with}. Just good “American Citizens” wishing to work together to survive a possible crisis well prepared and successfully….so after the dust clears we can be part of the rebuilding. Please note that no one is forced to stay with us, you retain all your private property, nor are we a cult, a religious end of times and days group, a militia, a compound, a commune, a control group or anything strange to you or us.

I realize this is a long read…but with all the people who have contacted us in the past  trying to make their own deals and conditions we have had to cover all these topics. It sure saves time on our end or your end and cuts back on frivolous inquiries.

Now if you are interested feel free to contact us also tell us about yourselves. You can list all your weapons and ammo if you wish to…but much more importantly please tell us about yourself and your long-term well-balanced daily survival supplies. Like how long will the food you now have last you? {Again please re-read that last part}.

Your ability and willingness to respond in this required manner will determine our response in return. Again…tell us about yourselves, we have already told you enough about us. Also before you contact us you might re-read this whole posting…. 😉

Keep Prepping…
[email protected]

Safety in like-minded numbers…but only if those numbers are well prepared.

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