Looking for your favorite food storage recipes………

Hey y’all (yes – I am living in the South) – frequent commenter and contributor Harry thinks it would be a great idea to gather up recipes for using foods typically found within food storage programs. We’re talking canned, freeze dried/dehydrated foods, beans, wheat, etc.  I agree – this is not something that I see very often and could benefit many.


So – please SHARE! If you have a great Creamy SPAM Sandwich recipe or maybe a casserole made from freeze dried eggs along with canned green beans, chocolate, and rice – well, maybe keep that one and send the rest.

Send your recipes to emergencycd (at)gmail.com – and please place “RECIPE” in the subject box. Please do not copy and paste a recipe from another website – this must be your recipe (its fine to be motivated from a recipe found somewhere else).

I am going to make a contest out of this and have all readers vote to see who has the best one.

What will be the prize? Not sure yet – need to think on this one but it will be good.

Start experimenting in that kitchen!!


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