Looking for food storage recipes…….

Hey y’all (yes – I am living in the South) – frequent commenter and contributor Harry thinks it would be a great idea to gather up recipes for using foods typically found within food storage programs. We’re talking canned, freeze dried/dehydrated foods, beans, wheat, etc.  I agree – this is not something that I see very often and could benefit many.


So – please SHARE! If you have a great Creamy SPAM Sandwich recipe or maybe a casserole made from freeze dried eggs along with canned green beans, chocolate, and rice – well, maybe keep that one and send the rest.

Send your recipes to emergencycd (at)gmail.com – and please place “RECIPE” in the subject box. Please do not copy and paste a recipe from another website – this must be your recipe (its fine to be motivated from a recipe found somewhere else).

I am going to make a contest out of this and have all readers vote to see who has the best one.

What will be the prize? Not sure yet – need to think on this one but it will be good.

Start experimenting in that kitchen!!


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  1. Cold Packed (cooked in the jar) Stuffed Cabbage with sauerkraut and pork.
    1 lb lean ground beef
    1 lb ground pork
    1 cup rice
    2 cabbage heads
    1 package or can saurkraut
    Small lean pork pieces
    1-2 can tomato soup
    Mrs dash

    Cook rice.
    In large bowl mix ground beef & Pork, rice,and Mrs dash.
    In large pot with water bring to boil, reduce heat and roll cabbage heads in mildly boiling water to loosen leaves. Cut root of leave out in V. Chop waste and set aside.
    Form meat into Lg.eggs sized portions and roll up in cabbage leaves. tuck in the ends. Set aside.
    Drop an inch of chopped cabbage and saurkraut in bottom of ball jar, add cabbage rolls, top with more cabbage/saurkraut and pork pieces, pour in 1/4 can tomato soup.
    Properly process in pressure cooker for 90 mins. per your location (Lbs/sq. in.)
    Remove, cool, label, date and store.
    Wait for apocalypse. Heat and enjoy. Long live the heartburn, D.

  2. Very excited. have been canning and dehydrating everything but the kitchen sink. Have also been using it. Most of it’s great. Don’t to put away seasonings, herbs, spices. They make the whole thing.

  3. Hey Rourke, why don’t you cough up one of the cases of Twinkies you have stashed away as a prize.

    Take one (1) tenderized raccoon carcass (road kill is the best, but it’s OK if you have beat one to death with a baseball bat) and skin it out (gut it if you’re a sissy, but if you leave it whole it adds a lot of flavor) and place in a decent sized cassarole dish (or a fairly clean oil pan from a 1956 Studebaker), cover possum with a mixture consisting of (1) cup mayo, 6 to 8 cups of rendered pig fat (allows you to use the leftovers as low tech torture on any Jihadist captives you may have), (2) cups of buttermilk, and 3 to 4 cups of root veggies (onions, turnips, taters, carrots, etc). Or replace all of that stuff with the contents of whatever dented or bulging cans you have sitting around in storage. Bake in a pre-heated 350°F oven (though I’m not really certain why you couldn’t just put that mess in a cold oven and start from there) and cook for about 2 hours. You can substitute a possum or (2) large groundhogs for the coon if you want. Lot’s of cheap beer and moonshine is an appropriate accompaniment.

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