Looking for 5.56mm or Magpul PMAG’s?

a-eagleAlthough ammunition is certainly in better supply now than just a couple months ago – prices are still not the best. I came a decent deal on 5.56 American Eagle 55 gr. FMJ rounds from  Brownells – $8.99/box – Click HERE for more information. Just search for American Eagle.

Suggestions would be to get a group to order a bunch then split the shipping to keep costs down.

Looking around I noticed Brownell’s had Gen 2 PMAG’s on sale for $10.49 each – GREAT PRICE!! Not sure how long that sale will last. Click HERE for more info.

Keep your powder dry!

 – Rourke


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  1. Natchez shooter supply has 55grn ball and 62 grn green tip 1000 @ $.45per rd. also 22LR 500 @ $39. Still not at my below 40 cents a round buy trigger.
    regards D.

  2. Palmetto State Armory has “Lake City XM855 5.56×45 62gr 1000rd Bulk Package XM855CS” on their website for $449, while they have it in the store on Farrow Road in Columbia for $419 as of Wednesday. They run some pretty good deals through their email list too. Their “blemished” stripped ar15 lowers are great, occasionally running at $59.00.

  3. Forgot to mention, Palmetto State Armory web site is quoting FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 thru Sunday. I dont see any restrictions. I do see a few other sale prices on ammo listed, so this might be a good deal regarding free shipping. (I dont work them, just a happy customer). I did notice that Sportsmans Warehouse in Columbia was also getting well stocked again on ammo, even had some 22LR bricks.

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