LIVE!!!! State of the Union Address Commentary

This is going to be different. The State of the Union address come on tonight at 9:00pm EST. Come back tonight to this post and I will be writing my thoughts as the address progresses.

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Oh – and just a warning. I may have a beer or twelve while listening.



 – – – – – – – Rourke’s State of the Union Commentary  – – – – – – –


9:05pm  I can’t stand it when the President comes in and spends so much time hugging, shaking hands, etc. Let’s get it going!! Every President is the same way with the standing ovations.

“Good to see you. Good to see YOU. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass……”


9:12pm Job growth? Tell that to all the people that have given up looking for work. More insured? Tell that to all the people that are paying more and have less coverage and lost their doctor.

9:13pm  No doubt things are better and are getting better in many ways than they were over the past few years.

9:15pm  Here we go – take from the rich and give to the poor.

9:16pm  The budget sent with ideas from Obama will run the debt up even more.

9:17pm  Every President give examples of people they don’t know and don’t really care about. I wish they would stick to the facts rather than propaganda.

9:20pm  Propaganda and rhetoric. I hate to be negative but much of what he takes credit for has been done in spite of his policies. His policies have NOTHING to do with the gas prices we are seeing now.

9:22pm  Deficits cut in half? 2/3rds? I am going to puke. The National Debt is over $18 trillion dollars.

9:23pm  Wages finally starting to raise while food prices remove any increases we are receiving. I know that is how it is for me.

9:25pm  Government does not need to help families get ahead it needs to get out of the way.

9:27pm  So – raise taxes via ObamaCare and then talk about tax cuts. Take from the rich and give to the poor? You cannot give tax cuts to the Middle Class with these deficits or the deficits will grow. Budgets must be balanced.

9:28pm  Here comes all the FREE stuff for everyone. Well – for Liberal voters. Buying votes left and right.

9:29pm  Government needs to stay out of our life not come in and say who should get what.

9:30pm  Most people making minimum wage are part time workers – not career people raising a family on that wage.

Why doesn’t the government just pass a law and mail people checks? Crazy.

9:32pm  I totally agree that something should be done with the cost of higher education. I do believe that if we get better educate our children and people it will lead to higher growth and better economy. Possibly with all the money being spent on frivolous things could be redirected to funds for college.

9:35pm  Hire a veteran? I know a well qualified vet that can’t get a job in the VA! It starts with those that do the hiring.

9:36pm  Want jobs to stay in America? Reduce the tax incentive for companies to go overseas.

9:38pm  A single oil pipeline? You mean the one you plan to veto?

9:40pm  I agree infrastructure needs work but it must be paid for and the money actually needs to go for infrastructure – not special interests.

9:40pm  The United States should be the world leader in science, medicine, etc.

D. and John Gault – I don’t blame you from bailing…..

9:41pm  Obama is promising the moon AND the stars!

9:43pm  It is simple math. You CANNOT take enough from the rich to benefit the Middle Class. There is simply not enough of the rich.

9:45pm  Taking advantage of the Paris attack.

9:46pm  We will kill innocent people with drones but we cannot waterboard a terrorist.

9:48pm  I do believe we need to eliminate ISIS as well as some other threatening groups around the world. Radical Islam wants nothing more than to kill all of us.

9:49pm  A Russia battered and desperate is not in the best interest of the US.

9:50pm  Israel must be supported. He wants to reduce sanctions on Iran?

9:53pm  So – we must do something to prevent hackers from entering our networks but allowing people to cross our Southern border? Naw – that’s not important.

9:54pm Climate Change? Ridiculous. Why did they stop calling it Global Warming?

9:56pm  Use of drone restrained? Tell that to the wedding party you blew up. Yes – “YOU” as the President gives the go ahead.

9:58pm  This is the most frustrating part. Responsibly reduced Gitmo population? Ridiculous as he ships terrorists overseas to join the fight against us again. This is a proven fact.

10:03pm  These two sides cannot come together with Obama as the leader. He says one things but does something else. He brings forth ideas that he knows will not pass. What s the point of that?

10:05pm  Immigration? Simple – build a frigging wall.

10:07pm Pretty childish.


I hate being negative but for those that are educated they know he speaks a good game but his actions say something else. He does not seek out Republican ideas – he prevents them from getting voted on. Well – he has in the past when the Dem’s controlled the Senate.

Actions speak louder than words. Pass a few Conservative ideas. I dare you.














































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22 thoughts on “LIVE!!!! State of the Union Address Commentary”

  1. John,
    Lets hope you don’t have to raise the “CONDITION FACTOR” after this little propaganda speech. Hope that something constructive is said but not holding breath.

    Stay Safe

  2. Nope, I can’t do it, I can’t watch him knowing the lies he has already been caught in. Knowing that every word, every gesture and every expression is carefully choreographed to play to the masses. We’ve learned that even if we agree with what he says, he doesn’t mean what he says…… there is always a hidden agenda with this guy…. always.

  3. OK 9:35 and I’ve had my fill of bull shit. I keep wondering what country he is talking about. Gonna look for some reality like “The Banana Splits”

  4. I quote commander clown” you want to job done right, hire a vet” BU’g%S+;T” yes, I’m the one vet who can’t get a job, even with graduating magna cum lade with a business degree. Hell, my own county veterans service office offerd the job to somone who already has a job, instead of a disabled vet who has been unemployed for over six months.

  5. Like the idea for tonight John, to bad it was under these conditions and this speaker. I respect the office, but not this occupant.

    Stay Safe

  6. John, you are so right about him being a slick speaker. It is the uneducated that he is speaking to and I bet his approval rating jumps after tonight, all be it a short lived jump.

    Catch you later John, pop another brew an enjoy while we still can.

    Stay Safe

  7. So in summary, just sprinkle fairy dust and fart rainbows while riding unicorns. Everything is just fine so long as you give yourself to the collective. Never mind that “Rome is burning” around us. I’m half surprised that his Buffon lackey, John Kerry didn’t jump up and have James Taylor sing koom bayah at the conclusion of this pathetic joke of a leftist campaign rally.

  8. Not sure if its a real stomach bug or just all the crap-but I spent a lot of time in the bathroom with a bucket tonight.I literally cannot stomach this any longer.
    He lies , tells the people one thing and does( or refuses to do) whatever he darn well pleases. The ball is now in the Republicans
    court so lets see what gets done -like protecting our rights and Constitutional Amendments .
    I know many of you dont agree but the Pipeline and fracking are an abomination of our precious natural resources-most especially water.
    The oil supply from fracking is not cost effective.In the long run its a short term solution to a long term problem.We need to conserve energy and tap solar and wind.
    Lets defend Israel -shut down Irans nuclear capability NOW and lets fill Gitmo with terrorists. God help us all. Arlene


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