Like Westerns? Like true stories? Check this out…..

True Story Of Kill Or Be Killed In The Real Old WestGunspincowboy

Long time ModernSurvivalOnline advertiser Jim Huebner discovered this one-of-a-kind memoir hidden way in an abandoned barn near of all places – -Disney World in modern day Florida.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to strap on a six-gun in the real Old West and have a face-off-in-the-street gunfight where only the fastest gunslinger walks away – – then this recently discovered memoir by one of the Old West’s most feared (but virtually unknown today) gunfighter, hired gun regulator and lawman immerses you in what it was like to live and die in the real Wild West.

Click this link to see rare video review of this rare memoir:




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1 thought on “Like Westerns? Like true stories? Check this out…..”

  1. Read it a few years ago.
    If you want to know how the Old West really was minus the bs and mythology, this is the read for you.
    Should be available on kindle for a few bucks.
    Great book for a kicked back weekend (‘re: rainy) of binge reading.


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