Like guns? Check out RECOIL Magazine

At my local newsstand the other day a new magazine caught my eye – RECOIL.

RECOIL was published on January 31st and is impressive. Oversized compared to most gun magazines like Guns & Ammo – RECOIL features some of the best firearm photography and graphics I have seen. The magazine promotes that it is for the “Gun Lifestyle” including gear, technology, sport, outdoors, home and personal defense. All stuff I like.

Flipping through the pages leaves little doubt that there is a HUGE emphasis on tactical-type weapons. From AR’s to SCAR’s – there is a lot to look at. There is also an article on a bug-out vehicle which is a pretty sweet ride.

RECOIL is not cheap at $8.99. The issue states it is Issue #1/Winter 2012  – suggesting it may come out quarterly. I hope sales are good enough for it to continue.

One more interesting thing about this mag is that it comes with a full sized physco clown target inside.

I hate clowns.



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  1. I picked up this magazine recently as well and was very impressed. So much so, I think I am going to sign up for a subscription. The content is top notch and does not include a lot of ads for distraction. The information is nicely laid out and put together in a very readable fashion.

    I liked the articles on the HKMR556-A1, the little section on knives and the 25 questions about the AR-15. I would agree that the bug-out vehicle was a sweet layout. I like how they point out the manufacturer’s of the items as well as the price. Also excellent articles on polymer stippling and the Redback One training facility.

    I would check this magazine out. It IS pricey but is chock full of good information.

    Good stuff.

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