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Hello all –

I don’t talk about my personnel life too often – but find it therapeutic to sit here in front of the TV watching Dual Survival and put stuff that is on my mind on “paper” – so here I go.

I live a typical life with typical problems, worries, concerns and events.

My job – which I have been at for 14 years – is driving me crazy. I know it will pass – it always does. Just in the past couple of weeks things have been very stressful. I feel like I need a vacation so I can kinda step back and evaluate things there at the plant and make clear decisions on how to resolve those stresses. That vacation will come – but it will be a little bit.

My oldest son – who is 12 – is a great kid. Kind hearted and very smart – in some things. This kid is just driving me crazy. 12 years old going on 30 I will tell you. Unbelievable forgetful. Biggest problem is he has had too much exposure to negative influences – which has been my fault. He has a tendency to get disrespectful with his mother – which I will not stand for. I have recently had to restrict some of his privileges – including many of those negative influences – which did not go over well with him but it is what I had to do. Hopefully things will get better. Like I said – he really is a great kid.

Although I received advice to the contrary from a few readers – I took a loan out on my 401k. I evaluated the decision from many aspects – and feel secure that I made a decision that not only I can live with – but will be beneficial in the long run. There are several things that the funds will go towards – including some preparedness supplies.

In reviewing my preparedness “stockpile” – I have identified a few areas that I plan to fund over the next few weeks:

First on the list is FOOD. Food is always at the top of my list as I consider it critically important for almost any emergency situation. If you loose your job you are going to think about how you will provide for your family – including food. Have a years supply of food stocked up – that would be a great stress reducer in a situation like that. So – I am going to invest in increasing my food supplies by at least two fold.

Next up on my list is DEFENSIVE SUPPLIES. Specifically – my ammunition supplies will be increased again by two fold. Although I have a decent supply now – I feel the need is there to increase my ammunition stores now for several reasons:

  1. Ammunition is not getting any cheaper.
  2. Ammunition stores extremely well.
  3. I want to practice more – meaning I need more ammunition.

Beyond ammunition there are a variety of accessories and supplies for my survival battery that I want to add. Slings, cleaning supplies, sights, magazines, etc. are on my list. Additionally – there are a couple of firearms that I am wanting to acquire. First on my list is a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 riot-style 12 gauge.

ENERGY has recently been improved in my situation with the addition of a generator. This was a big purchase and I am really glad I have it. With an effort in the direction of redundancy – I plan to add a small solar system soon. Consisting of the solar system itself – along with batteries and an inverter – I want to be able to run a small refrigerator as well as charge small batteries and battery powered devices if needed.

Beyond the above

Take care all –





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  1. Good luck with your 12 year old: Just remember one of the most loving thing you can say to your child is “No”. Saying “Yes” to everything will make your life easier (for now) but you are responsible for his upbringing.

  2. Rourke, I am with you. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions when it comes to money. I think it will benifit you better in the long run to have hthe prep’s. You can always pay back the loan on the 401k. Best of all is you will be prepared if some more weather related stuff happens in your area. Your families safety and preparedness now out weighs what amount you have for retirement down the road. Wise choice brother. Stay safe.

  3. Good post. Problems all of us have or will have in our life. As for the job, hopefully it relieves stress to know that at the current time you have a very stable job that you’ve been at for a long time. Right now many don’t have that. I know you know that.

    I’m glad you struggled with the loan decision — so many people wouldn’t think twice about it and would just borrow money. As for your final decision, no one is in your shoes except you, so what you did is what you think is best for you. For me, I don’t have all the preparedness stuff I need, like generators, or enough food & ammo. But I do find comfort in not owing anyone (except the house, which will be paid for in 5 years)

  4. A solar generator is a great thought. The unit you have in the photo looks like the setup Harbour Freight sells. Also if you look at, you will find a couple of solar battery chargers good for all kinds of rechargables. That way you won’t tie up your other solar generator. Love your site

  5. Hang in there, Rourke. I have three sons, 30ish to mid-teens, and they all present their own unique problems and, by the same token, rewards. It’s so hard being a good parent. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when they get to the age where they “know it all” and figure out that dad isn’t as tough or as smart as they thought he was when they were younger.

    As for the job thing, I think most of us are in similar situations; hanging on to eke-out a living for our families, taking guff from our customers, fellow employees, supervisors and managers, etc. In my opinion, however, it’s how we handle the stress, the day-to-day hardships, that actually define us. We make mistakes, but hopefully learn from them, and then move on to the next set of difficulties. In-between somewhere, someplace where we can take solace and comfort, we find that happiness, that joy which serves to fulfill us and helps us move forward and into another day.

    If life was all peaches-and-cream we would probably not be concerning ourselves with sites that focus on preparations, survival, etc. We wouldn’t worry about having enough of life’s essentials, because we wouldn’t be preoccupied about survival in a catastrophe situation. It simply wouldn’t occur to us that anything could ever go wrong. But it’s because we love and we care so deeply for our loved ones, that we frequently take stock of our lives, and theirs as well, in order to ensure that we at least have a fighting chance to make it to the next day, and the next, and the next, etc.

    Take a deep breath, brother. I’m rooting for you and others like you, and hope that through our combined efforts and mutual support (albeit online) we are able to overcome whatever life throws our way.

  6. I have a 24 yr old son with Asperger Syndrome (high functioning Autism). He was a handful at 11-13 (very stressful time). What got us though was the following mantra: “All in all, he is a good boy. All in all, he is a good boy.” Repeat as needed:) He currently lives in an apt by himself & is doing OK. There are times that I still use the mantra! Also, remember that you are not alone.

  7. I don’t have sons so I’m not sure it’s the same, but let me reassure you that 12 is about the age my daughters became completely impossible & defiant & aggravating. Now they are 22 and 18, and much easier to deal with (the elder because she no longer lives at home & so we can appreciate one another in smaller & more manageable doses, and the younger because she has common sense & integrity and is just darned good company!). Keep up the good work you’re doing as a dad, and perhaps some day you will also experience the astonished joy that I’ve been privileged to experience when your kid says to you, “You were right. Next time, I will listen to you.”

  8. I feel the same way about getting as much food stored as possible, my local grocery store has a program when you spend $50 you get .10 cents off per gallon of gas, and .20 cents for $100 up to 20 gallons, so I don’t mind taking advantage of that program. As far as ammo I try to pick up at least 1 box every trip to my local “box store” I’ve found in most instances i’m saving a few bucks that way as opposed to buying in bulk at a lot of online places, which means more money for food, and cases of bottled water.

    • nickoli –

      Same here for the grocery store. I have just started doing the ammo thing for certain kinds.

      Sounds just like me.

      Thanks – Rourke

  9. Rourke,

    My 14 yr old son “suffers” from the same problems. Too many channels to surf (remember TV BEFORE cable?), too many games on the game console (insert your demon console of choice) and too much “social media” interaction with friends. My 16yr old step daughter (raised her since birth) now lives with her mother (mostly because she sounds and looks too much like my ex-wife) because things are “easier” there. No weeding the garden, no helping in the “shop”, (not as much) snooping on the phone, no searching the purse.

    I’ve left as many jobs as I have been fired from. Both the firings and leavings are because I refused to put up with my taking up slack for other people. I refuse to work in retail ever again, I take great pains to ease the work load of retail staff that attend to me. I now work on the outside, self-employed or by barter. I have IT, electrical and physical skills so I can get by. Times get lean and fat.

    Once my son went to a “party” at school where everyone went to the Asian buffet later. Because of our teachings, what we eat and how we practice it, my son was the only 14yr old there that could eat the entire meal with Chopsticks.

    The teachings stay if you work with it. I bet you are reminded of how you thought your parents were idiots.

    • BePrepared –

      I never thought my parents were idiots because I was the “perfect” kid. Ha!!

      Good description of the challenges facing parents today. I remember when I had 3 channels to watch – in black & white – and would have to adjust that huge thing hanging above the house – what was it? Oh yea, an antenna.

      Oh – that crazy looking thing that you held up to your head and to get someone to answer on the other end you had to rotate that dial over and over again. I hated it when I messed up the last number.

      Those were the good ole days.


  10. What you described about yourself is pretty much the same boat I am in now as well. As far as the solar setup goes I think people can do alot better for the money than one of those harbor freight setups. I started out with those panels as well and believe me there are much better options out there. So some research and remember that ebay and amazon are your friend.

    • Hi Homer –

      Thanks for the comments. Well – too late. I just picked up one of the Harbor Freight kits for $136.00 . Guess I will get some experience with it and go from there.

      Thanks – Rourke

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