Letter Re: Reading When TSHTF

Hello Rourke,
Nice post on e readers BH. Hard copy is no doubt the best for a static situation. A few studies seem to show retention is better when working with paper rather than electronic format. 
I have a large regular book library of several thousand titles and three kindle readers. I study history and read a lot (well I suppose that’s understated) and enjoy reading on the small backlit kindle at night. The adjustable font size is a wonderful feature especially for those of us who have lived long enough to develop presbyopia and being backlit, it requires no external light that might disturb my spouse. In the airplane mode (not receiving/emitting rf), my small readers are good for about 40 hours continual use without a recharge and are well stocked with 600 some odd useful titles. 
Adjacent to my large ruck is a protected storage container that contains a small format Kindle, solar charger, AN/PVS-14 Gen III+ with helmet/weapon mount, and a Surefire. One quick grab updates my BOB with electronics.
E readers do have their use, even more so in that situation where one might be on foot for an extended period of time.
Panhandle Rancher


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  1. Ditto, Panhandle!

    While I have many books that are hard copy (now for backup), I am more and more switching to an e-reader. For one, my nook can handle several thousand copies of various books. Far more than I could ever carry on foot, and likely even in a large Bug Out Vehicle.

    The number of electronic versions of books and manuals available for free online (but not in hardcopy….at least not for free) enables me to collect far more than I would if they were purchased or even printed out.

    Additionally, through the ability to scan electronically and convert it to PDF, I now have the ability to carry with me copies of important documents (DL’s, Titles, Wills, Banking Info, Deeds, Insurance papers, maps, etc) in the event that I’m unable to access the originals in an emergency.

    So not only does my e-reader allow for entertainment, it is also a useful tool and research library.

  2. Thanks for the insight on how to keep the e-reader going in a grid-down scenario. My original post has gotten quite a bit of traction. This apparently is a topic worth doing some thinking about. I appreciate everyone’s comments regarding our need and love for reading and how to go about it when power is not available. These comments have helped me sharpen my thinking about this issue. I especially appreciate ANDBBMO’s comment regarding important document electronic storage. While my original post was primarily about reading, this comment helps me see how important e-storage of important documents is. Thanks all! And thanks again Rourke for allowing the post to run.

  3. I would suggest a book that I read recently called The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. It will make you think about what is happening in America these days and how far we have fallen from where this country was in the 1950’s. It has really changed my attitude on a few things but I still have very little hope for where our nation is headed. I enjoy your site and will look forward to reading more of your thoughts. May God bless you.

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