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Both the US Rifle, Caliber .30 M1 (Garand) in .30-’06 and M14 (M1A) have killed a lot of people. Their lethality is proven. However, my one firearm choice would be the Ruger Gunsite in .308WIN. I would top it with a Leupold MK4 LR/T on a modified mount over the bolt but would retain the iron sights. I chose Leupold because of their good optics with second focal plane reticule, innovative aluminum flip up lens covers and reticular objective lens obscurator and this telescopic sight specifically because of its variable power and parallax compensator. I believe the Gunsite to be a better one gun choice than the M1 or M1A because of the inherent greater reliability of a bolt action, less chance for malfunction, and easier maintenance.


My next firearms to acquire in order would be:


Ruger MK III Hunter in stainless, .22 caliber;

Ruger 10/22 tactical rifle with the same Leupold MK4 LR/T, .22 caliber;

SIG P220 in .45acp;

and then either the H&K M21 or British L1/A1 (FN/FAL), both in 7.62 NATO.


I believe both the H&K and British battle rifles to be superior to the M1/M14 primarily due to the more enclosed and smaller ejection ports that should better keep out debris. Of these I might mention, the L1/A1 has an integral bipod, a slight advantage. Of course the Germans make an excellent removable bipod for the H&K.


Regarding revolvers, I believe the Smith and Wesson L frame in .357 magnum to be the best in class. The Python is a fine weapon but in the latter decades of revolver use, the FBI preferred S&W which might have been a slightly more rugged and reliable design.



Panhandle Rancher


PS Late last year, I stopped drinking diet Coke. The first month was hard and I really craved one. Three months later and I didn’t like the taste of diet Coke. Water is my preferred drink now. Going off Pepsi will get easier. Hang in there.


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  1. I would argue that Ruger makes a much better revolver than S&W, particularly there GP100 series. I own both and prefer Ruger over S&W for fit, comfort, and finish. Ruger gets some of the highest marks for there “wheel” guns in the market. Do your research and decide what’s best for you.
    The Springfield M1A is an excellent rifle with many spare parts available anywhere. While all the rifles mentioned are excellent weapons. The reasons given for not considering an M1A over the others is not a sufficient reason for discounting it. It’s been battle tested (in variations) for more than 60-years and is a work horse.

  2. the Ruger 308 is a great choice. if reliability is very important (which it should be) also consider a Glock 21 for .45 and the Ruger security/speed six line for revolver. also consider a ruger blackhawk in .357. single action pistols are said to be more reliable than double action. i agree….stay away from the python. they go out of timing too easily. great looking pistol ( the best ever) but too delicate for SHTF.

    my 3 gun combo:

    12ga pump
    10/22 rifle .22 caliber
    1911 .45

    i will be bugging IN (for health reasons) not out so dont need a centerfire rifle.

  3. I gotta be honest. I don’t think anyone will ever agree on what the best choice is for a rifle or handgun. I think there are lots of good rifles and pistols to choose from…but that’s just me.

    So I will say this…choose the rifle or handgun that you are most comfortable shooting and shoot the best with. That’s what my dad used to say.

  4. The Garand and M1A are battle proven and have killed a lot of people. So have the Brown Bess and rocks. A bolt action rifle is problematic if you want to engage multiple targets, especially at close range. As always YMMV but I would want some sort of a repeating viable defensive long gun (maybe a pump shotgun) handy if things get ugly. Ruger 10/22 “tactical rifle” almost made me spit out my coffee.

  5. I would say an M1/M14/M1A doesn’t have an ejection port. The open-top receiver type, which also includes the SKS and Ruger’s Minis, don’t have trouble with debris. The open design just kicks crap out. Often, these designs are MORE reliable because of this. In fact, based purely on reliability, I would say a good SKS or Czech VZ.58 edges the notoriously rugged AK-47 because of this.

    I don’t think you named a single “bad” rifle, and there are valid reasons for not wanting an open receiver (optics options come to mind). I just personally don’t think a lack of reliability is realistic. Shit happens, but other rifles have their own issues.

  6. Personally, I wouldn’t carry anything but a 9mm for handgun, a .22 for rimfire, or a 30-06 for centerfire. Reasons I would choose those calibers is solely based on availability. The US was built on 30-30s and 30-06, in various different rifles. And with that .22 is incredibly light, and 1,000 rounds can be carried in a sock, and 9mm is one of the most commonly carried handguns on the market right now. All of my firearms are made in America, making parts easier to attain. In the event that SHTF all of these calibers could be easily replenished from anywhere. Stock-piling would be easy as well, being that every sporting good store in the world carries .22 and 30-06.

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