Letter Re: Lessons from The Twilight Zone on Civilzation Post-IHTF

What else can we learn? I remember this episode, I was a big Twilight Zone fan, and a prepper even then, I was 12 or 13 and thought survival kits and shelters and forts were the “rage!” By the way, the Zone problems started with a wastebasket fire in a missile launch facility….Back to the question…..
First, don’t advertise the fact that you have a shelter, preps, nothing! This tantamount to posting directions on a public billboard and can only lead to grief if the shtf!

Second, without being pushy or overbearing, try to get the eyes of your friends and neighbors open to the potential of a catastrophic or life changing event that might directly affect them, and of the fact that they aren’t ready for it: You have health, car and fire insurance, right? Well why not survival insurance? Slow and steady, using recent examples, most notably Katrina, the East coast storms and the Mid West snow storm that caused massive destruction but fortunately little loss of human life: The people in the areas hit are ranchers, farmers and outdoorsmen and take care of them and theirs….they are preppers out of necessity, it’s part of their life style. 

Third, people can and will quickly become animals, especially when driven by fear! This program demonstrated this back in the 60’s. Imagine today when about half the population operates with the aid of one or more mind altering chemicals and they are dependent on the government for the fruits of their existence! Total chaos! You will be dealing with a mob that feels “owed,” and which will not hesitate to use force to take what they are “owed.”

Fourth, be prepared to defend what you have but don’t rush to judgement. If you have practiced opsec and prepping, you should be in a position to make rational decisions based on good intel, rather than making a decision based on a rumor of war….

Fifth, and last for this, BE A PREPPER and KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!


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6 thoughts on “Letter Re: Lessons from The Twilight Zone on Civilzation Post-IHTF”

  1. You nailed the problem, GrayFox114…there are WAY too many who are reliant on their handouts…and the gooberment made sure it was that way…and there are many stuck in the middle who either have their heads in the sand or are ignoring what’s going on around them…I’ve never been a big conspiracy theorist, I try to keep an open mind on things…but the more I learn, the more I suspect…

  2. The issue with trying to lead others to think to prepare, if they haven’t already started, is that your conversation will lead them to believe you already have what they need.

    A better way may be to ask their views about a current situation and what they would do if it happened HERE. See their reactions and pay attention to their thoughts. You can determine a great deal more by listening than by questioning someone about details. Way too many people are way too eager to give up info with just the right inquiry or comment. Whether it is your question, or their comment.

  3. We have not been real successful in convincing the neighbors (the few that we are close with) into taking some basic preparation measures. Our families, either, for that matter! We did make crisis/disaster buckets, filled with basic survival supplies, for our brothers and sisters last Christmas. For over 2 years, I have been lobbying my friends on Facebook to put aside some beans, bullets and band-aids. I certainly hope that my suggestions don’t paint a target on our backs! I deliberately use a false address on social media, so no one should be tracking us down through Facebook. I have the bad feeling that any long term SHTF scenario will bring roaming gangs that will go door-to-door looting, whether they know you are holding supplies or not. I disagree with the survivalists who advocate “hiding in plain sight”. I am more in favor of putting up wire, fencing and a sign that states we’re armed and willing to use deadly force. I realize that NO fortress is impregnable, but I know that if I was a robber, I would skip a well protected home and target someone with less defensive measures.

  4. CM and Irish-7, good points. Irish-7, I learned a long time ago that criminals prefer that are not aware of whats going on around them or the unarmed as the criminal is not looking to get hurt, be alert and aware of your surroundings.


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